Taboo Role Play

What do you consider taboo role play? Is it something as innocent as fucking in public or fantasizing about a hot nurse taking advantage of you. Or does it go darker and more devious? Are you daring enough to push the limits? Come test the waters of Taboo Role Play With Roxy. Come see what you’ve been missing. You never know just how far you’ll go until I push you that way! Are you ready to play?

Step into my world of fun filled seduction. We may start off a little vanilla but in the end I’ll rock your world. I know how hard you get when I whisper those dirty words in your ear, promising you a good fucking. But there is something Roxy needs in return! The ultimate adventure, the ultimate taboo play! The twists and turns I’m going to take you through are going to be intense. No limits, anything goes phone sex.

You know how much I love edge play! A little strip tease while I lube up your cock and make you work it for me! It’s just the beginning of our adventure in taboo land. Let me force that bottle up to your mouth and let the Jack Daniels do it’s work. I don’t want to get you drunk, just enough liquor in you to let your guard down. Don’t worry baby it will just be between you and me.

But would you mind if I brought a friend over? Since you want to go taboo, I’ll be more than happy to take you to the next level and show you what fun is all about.  Trust me by the time our role play date is over, taboo is what you’ll always be craving with Roxy! Are you ready to get dirty?

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