Taboo Rape Fantasy

Okay, I will be the first to admit I, like MANY other women, get hot over the taboo rape fantasy. I know as a female I should object to the even thought of being raped but instead, it makes my pussy drip some. I’ve often thought as I go to sleep at night how I would love to get FUCKED no strings attached by a strange cock.

I dream of waking up in the dark in my bed, knowing something does not feel right in the room. To feel the weight of another body on my mattress. Before I can even be alarmed; I feel strong masculine arms pin my own behind my back. My body is pushed into the mattress, I feel his body press against me. His breath caresses my ear, as a strangely husky voice whispers, “Shhhh, do not fight it will just make it worse.” I feel the solid mass of him against me and know fighting is futile. He pulls my nightie up and rips my panties to the side, I hear and feel the lace tear.

I feel his hard cock pressing against my ass cheeks.

I buck my hips side to side, my pussy hot and wet knowing that ready dick is so near but still a little irritated I did not have a choice. He is just going to take it. I wonder who is going to fuck my pussy and if I even want them too. If it that horny kid down the street that always has a hard-on when he sees me NO WAY, but if it the ht young stud that does my lawn YES!!!! I try to sneak a peak to put my mind at ease, but feel his solid hand push my head into the mattress and hear “NO!”

Taboo Rape Fantasy

He keeps my head buried in the bedding. I feel his arm slid under my hips raising them and spreading them as his body keeps me pinned down. He spreads my thighs and shoves a HUGE cock into my puss HARD. I squeeze against him but moan as well. He slams his dick inside me more. I wiggle and fight but more because I want him to fuck me harder and rougher. He has awoken my body and I find it fucking HOT I do not whose cock is fucking me. I keep pounding into my pussy as I moan and buck. When he shoots a big sticky hot load in me I collapse. I can not remember the last time I was fucked with such a carnal lust…. and then he is gone, just like he appeared.

I told you mine, now you tell me your rape fantasy…

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