A Taboo Lesbian Incest Experience – with my Auntie!

I’ve always had a special bond with my dad’s sister Lynne, whom I affectionately refer to as “Auntie”. She’s the youngest sibling in their family, and the most fun to spend time with! She’s always taking me shopping, letting me try on clothes; buying them for me. As I got older, I shared almost all my teen angst secrets with her. I never thought one (sort of) innocent fantasy would lead to a taboo lesbian incest experience between us!

I often slept over on the weekends, to get away from my parent’s rules. Davon was in the picture, even back then, and before my Daddy resigned himself to the fact that his little girl loves BBC, she would let me call him, and sometimes, even go pick him up to come over and hang out with us! Such a cool aunt! I envied her long, gorgeous blonde hair; slim waist; big, luscious tits.

She always had a different boyfriend; sometimes 2 or 3 on the line at the same time.

Sometimes I would lay in bed at night when I stayed in her spare room, I would finger fuck myself to the sounds of she and her lover panting, moaning, and going at it hard. I would cum SO hard when she did! I would go home and get off all week long, wondering what her face looked like when she was cumming. Knew it was wrong to think of what it would be like to be the one to make her moan and cum, but I couldn’t control my lesbian incest fantasies!

One weekend I was staying over, and she decided we should have a girls-only night. I was a bit disappointed – my hot little 16 year old pussy had been wet all week at the thought of fucking myself to my aunt getting pounded and cumming! Bedtime came, and she suggested that we have a real sleep over, and that I climb in bed with her, so we could whisper secrets and tell stories. We talked and laughed for hours that night, until finally I fell asleep.

I woke up a while later to find that my aunt’s body was pressed tightly up against my back; every curve of her body molding to mine.

She had her arms around me and suddenly my pulse was hammering in my chest. My panties were soaking wet. My breathing heavy. I was so turned on! What if she woke up and realized her own niece was wet and squirming, because of HER? 

Just then something happened that made me stop breathing completely. I felt my aunt’s hands pulling my soft body back more tightly against hers; then I felt her mouth right next to my ear, and her hands moved up from my waist to cup my perky tits. I whimpered softly, and she whispered that she had heard me cumming with her almost every time I spent the night there. She moved down the bed and said she wanted to make me cum as hard as SHE did when she was getting fucked and knew I was listening. Before I knew it, her face was buried between my legs, and I could feel her hot, panting breath against my freshly shaved, tight young pussy. It was happening! My taboo lesbian incest fantasy was coming true!

You know what to do for more details! =)

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