There’s nothing better than a night of taboo incest.

You know the saying “Taboo Incest is Best – Put Daddy to the Test!” growing up I was a bad little girl and needed a strong older man to put me in my place. I needed him to show me how to behave and what happened if I didn’t learn to be a good little girl. Luckily I had a strong and loving Daddy that knew just what to do with a naughty little girl – like me.

At a very young age, Daddy had a strict rule about me not touching my pussy or watching porn without his permission. I belonged to him and only he would decide what I was allowed to do with my young wet twat. I loved knowing that I was Daddy’s special girl. I was just so horny all the time and I hated having to wait for sex when Daddy was not around. One night he was working late and I couldn’t resist touching myself. I tried everything to distract myself but nothing worked. Daddy was working late and I knew I had plenty of time to get myself off before he arrive home.

My pussy was aching for taboo incest sex with Daddy. Without even a second thought, I grabbed my laptop and visited my favorite porn site.  “Taboo Incest with Daddy’s Little Princess” I found a hot video of a young girl sucking off the man of the house. Slowly, I slid my hand down to my already drenched pussy and slipped a finger deep inside. I let out a quiet little moan of pleasure. I felt so go to masturbate and make myself feel good. I stared at the screen, as I slipping another finger in and started pumping my wet young girl snatch. My body was quivering, I was almost there, when I heard the front door slam shut. With in minutes, Daddy was standing in my door way. He caught me!!

At first I didn’t know what to do My fingers were drenched and I was caught my hand in the honey jar. He asked “what are you doing?” I bit my bottom lip and replied ” Nothing Daddy!” Mistake number two – I just lied to my daddy. “You know the rules.” he said, as he pulled me close up against him firm body. I thought he was going to yell. Instead he pushed me back down on the bed, as he started to undress. Slowly he slipped between my open legs and shoved his dick in me. I whelped out in pleasure, as his dick slipped deep inside me. Pushing himself deeper and harder, not missing a beat. He continued to thrust his cock deep into my tight young pussy. He pinned my arms above my head, as he fucked me hard and fast. I was his naughty little sex doll and I wanted his cock deep inside me.

I was enjoying every minute of taboo incest with daddy’s cock penetrating my tight little hole. I didn’t want it to end. I felt so dirty, as I wrapped my legs around his body and started moving with Daddy. My hips pushed up, as I moaned in pleasure. His grunts became louder, as he pressed my body into the mattress. I wanted his cock and his cum. I could tell he was close, as his body tensed up, one final thrust and he filled me with his delicious cum. Daddy asked me “Did you learn your lesson?” Yes Daddy I replied. Deep down inside I was thinking – this spoiled little brat always gets what she wants. SEX! Part of me couldn’t wait to be bad again.

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