Taboo has no limits in my kinky world of fetishes and fantasy. Taboo according to the Cambridge Dictionary “something that you should not say or do because people generally think it is morally wrong, unpleasant, or embarrassing.”  That is exactly what is considered the definition of taboo.  The big question here is:  How do I define taboo? A question I am asked rather often by my callers.  In my opinion, taboo has no limitations. Taboo has no restrictions.  We all define taboo on different levels of extreme.

For this purpose, the best way to explore taboo topics is by doing taboo phone sex with someone who believes TABOO has no limits in fetishes and fantasies.  What one might believe as being extreme hard-core taboo is not to me.  The words “limits” or “taboo” does not exist in my vocabulary.

Over the years, I’ve never set any boundaries.  I love sex too much not to deprive myself of exploring everything and anything.  Sex has opened so many doors for me.  I want it ALL and more.  I love sex and it’s part of who I am.  Why limit ourselves in our sexual experience in reality or fantasy world.

My theory is this – We only go around once, so experience everything and anything that comes our way. Taboo has no limits – even if it is taboo and unacceptable by society.

My taboo experiences started at a very young age.  Incest is Best – Let’s keep it in the family.  Family members are the people we are exposed to at a very young age.  Why would you refuse the knowledge of growing together? Incest is the start of our sexual education from a very young age.  I remember the first time being exposed to cock.   I couldn’t get enough of it – I wanted more of it.  Hungry to tease and please as well as starving to please and be pleased.  It didn’t matter who it was, once the door was open to me.

Daddy would come to me late at night – exposing himself to me, teaching me how to touch his cock, and guiding me to lick his cock.  Additionally, he was the perfect teacher.  I was going to master the pleasure of being the perfect cock sucker for ALL men.  The cum dumpster that never said no.  At a very young age, I realized how much power I had in pleasuring men.  Opening the door and walking into a world of erotic fetishes and fantasies ever man craved. Consequently, taboo has no limits!!! To boot I had what they wanted and needed.  Sexy – soft lips, puffy tight pussy, and a sweetheart ass you couldn’t wait to conquer.  I used all these assets to my advantage. Furthermore, the sky is the limit.

Are you ready to take advantage of this opportunity?   Opportunity only knocks once.

In addition, take the bull by the horns – like I would take men by their cock. Opportunity is the keyword here.  For instance, I loved flaunting by my tight young pussy and ass. POP – yes I had the “Power Of the Pussy” and I was going to use it to my advantage.  Subsequently easy bait of teasing and denying men the pleasure of my perfect young body.  Have you ever craved the desires of tight young pussy and ass?  Wanting to lick it? Taste it? Savor it? Explore it?

Furthermore, you are human, you know you want it – now it’s time to push yourself.  With this in mind Go for it – take it just like my father, as well as my brother, took me – teaching me, while playing with me at a young age.   In conclusion, I would love to share my taboo young girl as well as incest experiences with you. I’m only a phone call away – call and cum with me, as I relive my Personal Incest Experiences.


Taboo has no limits in my kinky world of fetishes and fantasy

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Furthermore, let’s explore your kinky fantasy. I’ll tell you mine – if you tell me yours.  I want to tease you and push your boundaries. Ready to have some of the BEST Mutual Masturbation phone sex? I have something just for you… free phone sex minutes ADDED to your paid call? FIRST TIME CALLERS ONLY – Mention TABOO HAS NO LIMITS 5 when calling me. Anything goes No Taboos Phone Sex I’m waiting to begin your next sexual adventure.

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Furthermore, let me guide you in a direction you never imagined! My sultry voice will capture you and keep you coming back for more.  No worries I will make it as pleasurable as possible.  Remember it’s ALL about pushing outside your comfort zone!  Let’s explore Taboo Incest Sex Story together.  The opportunities are endless. Let me trigger your inner XXX pleasures as well as make you cum over and over. Always remember – Our Only Limitation is Our Imagination. Call me and Let’s cum together.

I’m waiting for you…..and ONLY you!!!

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