I love it when guys send me stories to get me going, I love nothing more than getting into bed naked with a good Taboo Fetish Fantasy story, and letting my imagination wander. This is my favorite this week:

What a week it has been! Work sucks, and every little thing seems to need your attention. Sometimes you wonder if it is worth it to run a business all on your own or not. Then you get into your German convertible, drop the top, hit the gas, and realize it is worth the bullshit. You sneak out of work early and decide to head home for some alone time, maybe with the pool even when you get home, you see a strange sight- your daughter’s car is there. She is only 18, but her daddy bought her a new Jeep before she even got her license.

You two are more like best friends since there is not so many years difference between you. You quietly enter the house. At first, you don’t hear anything, but then you hear faint giggling. You guess she has a friend over, and take off your shoes so there is no sound as you walk. When you get to the office in the back, the door is open a crack.

When you peer in, you see your daughter, in one of your old Dominatrix outfits, standing over 2 other, younger teens!  At first, you can’t see, but then realize it is the twins from next door – a couple of years than her, both tied up naked on the couch.
You know you should stop it, but you can’t. Your hand travels between your legs, and your pussy is dripping. You slowly finger yourself and watch the show.
Your daughter is yelling at the twins for not following instructions. Apparently, they were supposed to use their phones and get pics of other kids in their class, and between them, they only got 3 pics, which is not good enough!

The twins are a boy and a girl and looked terrified. Your daughter reaches down and grabs the boy by his tiny nuts and twists. He would have screamed if he wasn’t gagged! The girl smiles and your daughter comes upside her face with a quick and wicked backhand. You smile to yourself knowing where she learned it from.

You’re fingering yourself so fast and hard, your orgasm sneaks up on you. You try to be quiet, but a faint moan escapes your lips, and your daughter’s head shoots around like a hunter after prey. She walks to the door and throws it open, and then closes it fast on you. The little bitch knocks you out, and when you come to, you are now tied up, spread eagle on the floor. Your mouth is gagged, but with an opener. When you look up you see your daughter- still in the Mistress outfit but with no panties standing above you.

She asks what you thought you were doing. She deserves her private time, she says, and Daddy told her she could be alone whenever she wanted.
You try to talk but can’t
She speaks to the twins and tells them it’s their lucky day.
She drags the boy up by his hair and drops him between your legs. Then she unties his hands and tells him to hold onto your tits as he fucks you. He eagerly takes up the task
Next, she puts the chubby girl on a seat above her head. She punches the girl in the stomach and tells her to piss. She can’t, so your daughter lifts her skirt, puts her pussy to the girl’s mouth, and lets it flow. The girl can’t handle it, and the piss dribbles down her chin, over her stomach, and down to you. Then the floodgates open, and the girl joins in.
With your mouth gagged open, you have no choice but to swallow as much piss as possible. One is sweet and the other is bitter. You briefly wonder which is which, until it stops, and your daughter grabs you by the hair and uses it as a mop to dry the floor.
The young boy is close to cumming, and your daughter gets behind him. She puts on a small strap on and gets behind him. She tells him if he is good, she would let him fill me up. If he came too fast, he would have to clean it up.

While he is deep inside me, she rams the butt plug into him. He squeals but keeps fucking me. His sister now gets up and puts his face into her pussy, demanding he makes her cum before he does. You are on sensory overload. You have a small cock in your pussy, you’re looking at this tiny ass and pussy being worshiped, and your daughter is ass fucking him as he fucks you. Just give up and let your pussy gush.

Your orgasm was intense and managed to knock his peepee out of you. Your daughter smacks his ass, and he jabs forward- this time into your ass. You try to object, but can’t. He slides in and pumps like crazy. Soon his sister starts cumming, and to your shock, she is already a squirter! She douses his face and your chest and then goes back to the couch. The boy asked if he could cum and your daughter slammed as far into him as she can, and says yes.

His little cock twitched and you felt him spurt hot cum into your ass. He is soft by the time the last spurt comes out, and your daughter tells him to use your mouth to clean up.

He drops down by your face and you extended your tongue. You can taste your pussy, ass, and his cum.
You lick him clean and hard again, but instead of cumming, he actually starts peeing in your mouth! Again you have no choice but to swallow it, and you enjoy every drop.
Now your daughter tells the twins to get on either side of you, and takes a picture of them sucking your tits, she said this was her insurance policy and that you would never interrupt her again.
She helped the twins get dressed and saw them out.

You are still tied up on the floor when she calls for her Bulldog, but that is another story!

I don’t know about you, but I just came! That really is my kind of Taboo Fetish Fantasy!!

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