Did you know that I accept your taboo confession story for submissions?

Don’t worry though. I won’t publish your taboo confession story unless you want me too. This story is one of my favorites role plays to act out. So sit back, and enjoy this story!

A new year is about to begin and with that, a new town slut needs to be elected. She is young but that does not mean she is inexperienced. So why should you vote for Olivia? Her policies want to make this town a happier place to live by putting females in their place with cocks in their gaps.

Education is wasted on the female sex, that is unless it is to be taught how to tease, suck or fuck a cock. There is no taboo. There isn’t even a need for anyone to have a taboo confession story. Cock is a cock and it belongs in a female, any female. Then, It doesn’t matter if it’s your wife, daughter, or a stranger. Time and place don’t matter one bit either. If elected, Olivia will ensure that if you find what you are looking for waiting for the bus, sitting in the classroom, shopping in the grocery store with mom and dad, well she will be available.

Is she busy at work stocking shelves or selling tickets to the newest hottest movie? It doesn’t matter. Get behind Olivia, on top of her, and have your way. If she can continue to do her job, great and if not, well you come first and in more ways than one.

And clothing, well clothing is made to tantalize.

Short skirt, tinier panties, small tops will be the most popular choices. They are items for easy access to the most important parts of the female body. Want something tighter fitting? Specially made yoga pants or volleyball shorts with holes where it counts are really on-trend right now.

Have a daughter of your own? Enroll her into the Flesh Pipe Plumbers. They go around the neighborhood knocking on doors and unclogging any flesh pipe that exists in that home. They get every job done even if there are multiple pipes. She’ll bring home a taboo confession story or two of her own. Or she can join the Tighty Twatty Tutors. These lovely young ladies tour the schools releasing the temptation and distraction from all the males who are trying to learn or teach.

Your son will surely get straight A’s once these helpful young nymphos release their greatest distraction. No more will she like me or will she touch me? A simple wave over and young little sluts are on their knees releasing the tension, allowing your son to relax. Teacher having a tough time getting his lesson across? Distracted by the young flesh in abundance?

Vote for Olivia and your daughter just might be the one under the podium, giving him that second wind at the end of the day. This young teen knows how to make a happier world and that is by making the men who run it happier. Statistics show that getting a man laid lowers aggression, lowers violence and therefore eliminates crime. Vote for her and she will have an open office open door policy.

Needed to drop off a package at city hall?

Why not stop by her office and drop a load of as well. If you prefer a young ass, Olivia and others are always willing. She will remove the word no from the female vocabulary. She has great plans and even greater policies to put forth.

So, take a moment and attend Olivia’s fundraiser. Do not be surprised when she shows up, stained with cum and is being used throughout her entire speech. Are you getting turned on, want to use her too? Then all you got to do is drop your pants and walk up with your cock in your hand. She will do the rest.

We do ask that you refrain from using her mouth so that she can give the speech, but if that is what you really want, she will talk, or at least attempt to. This might be the only really meaningful thing a woman has ever said.

So get your cock out, get it hard and vote her. Do not ask what you can do for your town, as who you can do for your town, and how many times and where? The answers are simple. Anyone and anywhere and anytime if Olivia wins. Let her give you the tour of her vision.

Come confess your secrets and have amazingly taboo phone sex!


Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke