I had no hesitations getting it all ready. He’d told me he wanted to try something mew.. My dom, who was always so much fun to play with.. So much fun when he tied me up and showed me what pain was: catnip to a masochist. He’d agreed to let me turn the tables on him and take him for a ride. He was my sub for the night, and he was mine, all mine.I started off light.. With a blindfold. Making him wait in the living room as I set up the bed.. Fresh sheets, handcuffs, leather ties, whips, a bowl of ice, and everything I wanted to use on him. I loved knowing that he was sweating in his seat, curious and amused about what I was up to. But he couldn’t see..all he could do was accept me as his mistress, and allow me to lead him to the room. I could tell he was a little hesitant, wondering if being the sub was “his” thing too.. but I guess he needed to give it a try to find out.

I tied him up tight. Those handcuffs were not budging tonight. He couldn’t see through any part of the blindfold. And even with a gag in his mouth, I could tell every curse word he yelled at me when I started tying up his balls.. 😉 I was going to make them swell up nicely, turn red, maybe a little purple for me! He was going to be a good little subbie and take every bit I had to offer him.. All the dildos lined up on the bedside table with a considerable about of lube.. and after it was all said and done, I was even nice enough to have a bowl of ice ready to relax him! Wasn’t I such a sweet Mistress?

He just had to follow one rule for me, and that was all I demanded of him for the night: he was not allowed to squirm. 😉

I’m a naughty sub..and an even better Mistress.

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