Have you ever tried swinging?

Swinging, well I can tell you, the anticipation is a wonderful thing. It can heighten emotion and intensify all senses. That is the best way to describe this night. We have all spoken, we have chatted, and gotten to know each other intimately even though we have not met yet. The night has an electricity to it before it even starts.

You guys are finally together full time. You share a bathroom getting ready. As you do a final shave of your kitty in the shower, Rob is getting ready at the sink. He has you pull back the curtain and watches you. You love the feeling of his eyes on you and put on a show with the water cascading over you. He reminds you that you are not allowed to cum yet. It has been days and you are ready for a release but know better.
When you get dressed, Rob puts you in a short dress, stockings and heels. He doesn’t let you wear any underwear or bra. You feel self conscious and sexy all at the same time. You watch him call me and make final confirmations, and your pussy is so wet you are afraid it will leave a stain on your dress. He wears tight jeans and a button down shirt- also commando, and you see him bulging out.
Meanwhile, we are also getting ready. I make sure Geri is dressed very similar. Her pussy has been freshly waxed, and her nipples are poking out of her dress. I smack her ass for fun and she just smiles at me. I put on my jeans and Hawaiian Shirt and we hit the evening. I drop the top on my convertible and love how it blows her dress up as I drive.
We start our evening in a bar in downtown Hollywood. It is not quite a swinger bar, but it is more of a swinger friendly bar. We both drive up at the same time and you guys get out as I put the top up. When we get out of the cars, the connection is instant. Rob and I hug like old friends, and the girls hug, but follow up with an amazing deep kiss. We finally clear our throat and you ladies break up long enough for me to grab Amanda and Rob to grab Geri and each of us get acquainted. I can see Rob feeling Geri’s ass and Amanda grinds into my bulge- letting me feel how hot she is.
We then go back to our original partners and hold hands as we walk the short block to the bar. Other people can’t help but look at these sexy women we are with. We enter the dark bar and look around. It’s early, but there are a few couples around, and some plush couches, and a door open to a back patio. In the middle of the room there is a stripper pole and a sexy big lady dressed in spandex just casually spinning around to the jukebox.
Rob and I order a bottle of wine and you ladies find a place to settle in. The place radiates sex. Couples are making out, feeling each other up. One woman is grinding on a guys lap, and another guy has his hand buried up a woman’s dress. When Rob and I get to our booth, Geri and Amanda are next to each other, running hands all over each other and when you see us, opening your legs to show us your pretty pussies.
Rob sits down next to Danielle and I sit by Amanda. The jukebox isn’t too loud and we all talk and drink our wine. I laugh as I run my hand up Amanda’s thigh- only to find Geri’s hand there. Her other hand is in Rob’s lap and he has his hand under Geri. Amanda looks back and we kiss as she grabs my crotch. Someone plays “All About That Bass”, and Amanda gets up with Geri and the two women dance and grind on each other. Rob and I just smile and rub our hard cocks watching. A few other women join in and even try to get the girls on the pole.
After the song is over, we decide to go outside for a breath of air. Outside there are more couches and chairs. We are the only ones out there, so Rob whispers something to Amanda. She leans over, runs her hand up between Geri’s legs, and sticks a finger into her wet pussy. She then takes it out and seductively sucks it clean, only to repeat and let Rob taste it. Geri kills off the wine and copies Amanda. I am stunned to watch,but she says how sweet Amanda tastes and offers me a try. I lick her finger clean and agree I can’t wait for a direct try.
Rob and I decide that rather than get another bottle there, we should take our party on the road. We walk across the street to the Ramada, and get Β room. All they have is a single King and we say perfect. In the elevator on the way up, hands are everywhere and by the time we get to our floor, the women’s dresses are barely on. I open the door and we pile in. Amanda pushed Geri down on the bed so hard her huge 32G tits come bouncing out. Amanda then lifts Geri’s dress and starts immediately eating her soaking wet pussy. Rob gets by Geri’s face and lets his cock out. She opens to suck it while I get behind Amanda and under her dress to lick her pussy.
We are all so horned up that orgasms come fast and furiously. Geri is first- wrapping her fingers in Amanda’s hair. Amanda is licking her clit while pumping fingers in and out. When Geri cums she squirts all over Amanda and soaks her face. Meanwhile, I have 2 fingers in Amanda’s pussy and one in her ass, while licking her clit. As soon as she finishes Geri, she grabs onto Geri’s thighs and cums hard herself.
We then all get up and get fully naked. Rob and I lie down on our backs- almost like women would scissor, but our cocks are rubbing together. Amanda and Geri get on either side, and start licking, stroking, and rubbing our cocks together. I lie back and enjoy the feeling of two mouths on my cock, and hear Rob moan the same. I feel a hand on my balls and know I can’t hold out. I say I am cumming and feel a mouth take me fully in as I erupt. After a few blasts, the mouth changes and I feel the other suck the rest of my cum. The women then kiss and share the cum. That sets Rob off, and he enjoys the same treatment.
We all pile on the bed, and put the TV on and find some good Porn. The women stroke each others breasts and kiss as we all catch our breath. I am next to Amanda and Rod is by Geri. Soon our cocks are getting hard again and someone says “anyone want to fuck?”

Swingers Phone Sex

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