Who would have guessed that swinging would be so much fun?

I have never had an issue keeping my lovers interested but even the best sex gets a little routine. So a smart woman like myself knows that you have to spice up that sex life every once in a while. You have the typical things you can try. Toys, roleplay, Phone Sex, change of scenery. But the best way I’ve found is swinging! It is so much fun to add a new set of holes to the course. And personally, being the procuress for my lover is almost as much of a turn on for me as watching my man’s hands on another woman.

How much would it turn you on to have me bring home a hot young thing like London or Summer for instance, and then be able to look in my eyes as she screams your name as she cums. And when you are inside her, pumping away, having me encouraging you to fuck her harder. And of course I won’t just be a hands off participant in the swinging fun. Even when I am just watching, you’d best believe my fingers will be busy in my own panties! But I’m also going to help get you both off! Offering my hands, mouth and holes for the enjoyment of whichever of you wants them.

I don’t care! Just. fucking. touch me! Imagine one of us on your face, the other riding your dick and your name being moaned by both and we cum at the same time, loud and long and sooo fucking hard. When its your turn to let loose your load. You can kneel us both down and glaze both our faces with your sticky cream!

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