Swingers Stories, Single Ladies Crashed the Holiday After Party!

My best friend Christine and I went to her very boring office Christmas party. Everyone was really dull and it was extremely obvious everyone was there out of obligation. In fact, it was so obvious it was painful.

I went because she begged me not to leave her staring at the wall for an hour. She said it was impossible to talk to her co-workers. I can see now why she did not want to. At the beginning of the evening, I tried engaging one woman and she stared into her cup the whole time. After a brief tour around the room, I introduced myself to several others and they just said hello and walked away. Everyone was in a trance it seemed.

This party is creeping me out we have to get out of here I complained to Christine. She said of course but first, she wanted her bonus which the boss handed out at this party. So there it was the whole reason why these people who obviously hate this company and their jobs are here going through so much pain and agony! For money! I preferred my job which is the best phone sex in the world at Phone Sex Kingdom!

Everyone is playing on their phones!

I went to the patio doors where they were open to get some fresh air and stood there counting the seconds until we could leave. Pulling out my phone I started playing a game. It was the theme for the night apparently as I looked around the room.

Suddenly I overheard two men talking on the patio. I peaked out and there they were a few feet away. It seemed as if the one was trying to convince the other to attend a swinger after party! Now my interest was sparked. I listened closely to get the details and went to find my friend.

Everyone knows that Christine is a bit dull and not the person you take to an openly sexual party. I laughed and told her what I had overheard. She shocked me into silence when she replied that it sounded fun! Wtf? She really wants to go and be nasty with strangers? So we went.

We knocked and giggled about the adventure we were about to have! A tall dark gorgeous man opened the door and I instantly became wet thinking about discovering his body! He did not hesitate when we stated we wanted to crash. He smiled and waved us in.

Maybe I am broadening my horizons!

Christine suddenly saw someone she recognized and apparently they were shocked by her presence as well. His name was Antonio and he came over and gave her a big hug. Wow, I never knew this was your scene or I would have invited you a long time ago. Well, she smiled, maybe I am broadening my horizons. He grinned, so a virgin we can remedy that! He took her by the shoulders and led her into the other room where there were couples and groups laughing and talking in various states of dress.

It was a very relaxed setting. Everyone seemed very comfortable with each other. I had kicked my shoes off and loosened the buttons on my blouse. The cosmo I was sipping was very strong that tall dark and handsome kept my glass filled. Finally, when he went to fill it for the fifth time I smiled at him and said, you know I don’t have to be drunk for you to get lucky. I could hear my words were a bit slurred.

He grinned, your right I should cut you off I don’t like a dead fuck! He scooped me up in his arms. As he was carrying me out I could see Christine making out with Antonio and some blonde beauty. She seemed at ease. What is your name I laughed as he carried me over his shoulder up the stairs?

You call me Master!

My name is Clay but tonight you call me Master. Once inside a large bedroom, I noticed there were straps and paddles and lots of play things like dildos lining the walls. I giggled and said, yes sir Mr. Gray. Master will do. With that, he dropped me unceremoniously onto the bed.

He stood looking down at me while he stripped his shirt off, flexing his large muscles. He pulled me to the edge and lifted my dress off. Sitting there in nothing but my bra, garter belt, panties, and hose. He stared for the longest time that I began to be embarrassed. Stop that, he whispered harshly as I went to cover myself with my hands. You’re beautiful! Never be ashamed of your body.

Simone, your mine! From now on you are mine. Do you understand? I nodded, he commanded an acknowledgment. Yes sir, Master! I said. He pulled the rest of my clothes off and laid me back on the bed. He placed my hands in handcuffs. Normally, I would take my time and please you over and over before fucking you, but tonight I cannot wait. Simone, I am going to fuck you hard and he did!

Sliding between my legs he buried his dick hard into my pussy and then pounded me ruthlessly until cumming deep inside. It was so intense yet it only lasted for just a few moments. He looked down at me. The rest of the night I am going to spend pleasuring your body!

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