I just went to my first swingers party.  Yes, I’ve done my fair share of gang bangs, but I never went to a legit swingers party.  Let me just tell you, it was amazing!  To be in a room full of same minded, sex crazed, horny adults was like a breath of fresh air.  I was a little intimidated at first though.  I know, Jamie get intimidated, but it was the best night of my life.   If you are on the fence about trying it, let me tell you about MY experience.

I walked into a dimly lit foyer.  I could hear people talking, laughing, but also moaning.  An older man introduced himself and seemed intrigued to see a fresh face in the crowd.  He offered me a drink and explained the rules.  I could only join in on fun if I was invited by the couple, I was to ONLY do things I was comfortable with and could always say no at any time, no cell phones were to being use at any point in the night, and protection was a must. Then I looked around and noticed bowls of condoms and lube placed all around for easy assess.  I felt pretty safe so far.

While in mid conversation, a woman around my age came up behind him and began to kiss his neck.

 He introduced her as his wife and asked if they could break my swingers cherry.  They were a very attractive couple and I couldn’t wait to get my feet wet.  I decided now was the time to jump in and we walked off into a sitting room.  There were already a few couples sprawled out around fucking and enjoying each other company.  The woman began to kiss me, foundling my breasts.  He husband came up behind me and removed my dress.  It was so erotic hearing and seeing the others around us.

Not only did I end up fucking around with that couple, but I got the opportunity to play three other couples that night as well.  It was truly amazing and I still don’t know how I went so long never experiencing such a party.  At the end of the night the host and hostess thanked me for coming and invited me to join their guest list for the future.  I knew this would not be my last party.

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