Swingers just like to have fun!

My husband has a friend who he used to work for. Ryan moved on in his career and these days they just hit the bar every now and then to catch up. Ryan has been well aware for quite some time that I’ve had my eye on Blake. My friends say it’s his money, but that’s not it. There’s just something about him that I can’t quite put my finger on. But last week, I finally got to put more than just a finger on it! Me and my husband being swingers has probably never paid off so well!

Blake is older, in his late 40’s, has salt and pepper hair and carries himself very well. Ryan couldn’t verify this, but I knew he was packing the heat! He has this George Clooney thing going on. I flirted with Blake lightly a few times, in Ryan’s presence so he would know it wasn’t weird and Ryan wouldn’t be jealous. He’d always reciprocate in very gentlemanly ways, by simply complimenting what I was wearing or brushing the hair out of my face while we were talking. I knew he wanted me.

Blake is married, but swingers can spot swingers, and I knew he’d be down to have some fun!

When Ryan left town last week, he asked Blake to stop by and check on me. Ryan didn’t exactly make it explicit that it was so we could fuck, but I think he put it in a subtly. Somehow Blake got the hint and knew exactly what Ryan was asking of him. Isn’t my husband just so sweet?

Blake showed up two days after Ryan left. He rang the doorbell and when I answered, I was VERY pleasantly surprised! He was all dressed up, holding a bottle of champagne, and looking FINE! I invited him in and we got to talking. We were a couple of glasses into the champagne, giggling and having a good time. That’s when he mentioned that he got the impression that Ryan and I were swingers, and that he had been asked to come over here for a very specific reason.

I began to reveal to Blake a little bit about how we live our lives. To try to be as sexually fulfilled as possible.

As I was talking, Blake started running his hand up my thigh under my dress. His hands felt so good on my skin. I pulled my chair closer to his. I leaned in and whispered, breathing heavily into his ear, telling him how I’ve wanted to get him into bed for a long time. He put down his champagne glass and put his hand on the back of my neck, keeping my head close to his. He slid his hand further up my dress, brushing against my panties. Everything progressed quickly from there. I put one hand on his thigh and rubbed his package with the other. I sure was right! That dick was about to fill me up!

With our heads still against one another’s, I began to undo his belt. I unzipped his pants and pulled his briefs down just enough to pull out an AMAZING cock. This thing was beautiful! I couldn’t keep my mouth off of it for one second! I got on my knees in front of him and showed him what dick worship really is. Thus began a night to remember! He knew how to use that dick, too! He seemed to know my pussy as well as my husband. Blake knew just what to do to get me screaming without me having to say anything.

Give me a call and I’ll tell you more about how he fucked me silly and gave me that dick I’d been lusting after for so long!
We can be swingers together! I’ll rock your world and worship that cock of yours just like I did my husbands friends!

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