My husband and I are swingers.

This is something you may have gathered from my blogs or if you’ve read my bio. His name is Ryan and he is always full of surprises. We never know what naughty adventure we might get into next and I never know what sexy surprise he may have for me. Ryan knows that I have a FIERCE sexual appetite, as does he, and he tries to keep me “occupied” whenever he knows I could use a little spice or when he will not be available to have fun with me himself. As swingers, we’re definitely into keeping things fresh!

Ryan often has to go away for business. He has to go to conferences and meetings. He is often out of town and what happens quite regularly, is he will arrange a little “surprise” for me. Something to stimulate me while he’s away. I find it really sweet. In our relationship, it is the equivalent of him sending me roses or something like that, except with us, it’s something I can REALLY use. It seems our true swingers nature.

So, last week Ryan had to leave town. We had actually been fighting before he left, but that’s not always so bad, because our fights are never anything major and we always have intense, ROUGH makeup sex. This sex is off the charts! I’m talking hair pulling, choking, hard pounding, balls deep fucking! Mmm!

Anyways, back on track. Ryan left for a trip, we had been fighting, only this time we hadn’t gotten the makeup sex that we both needed. He sure did MAKE IT UP in a different way, though! As swingers do! He sent me a treat while he was away. Something I’ve been craving for a long time!

Check out part two to see what surprise my husband sent to my house while he was away!

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