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I’m on a tropical getaway with one of my fuck buddies. He left his girlfriend’s place early and coincidentally “ran into me” on his way to the airport. Long story short, his cock needs to spend more time with me and less time balls deep inside a familiar hole. I already have in my head the thought of us having swimming pool sex. As soon as we get to our hotel I start to tease him. I get naked and into my little hot pink bikini. He likes watching me shed my clothes and in between each article of clothing off my body, I treat him with a kiss and a grab. My hands wander all over his sexy warm skin. I take moments breathing him in as I kiss down his skin. Every inch of his skin goes onto my lips until I’m on my hands and knees.

His cock is throbbing and begging for me to touch it, stroke it, fuck it.

I tease him, putting his engorged cock head up to my lips. Popping him out of my mouth I look up at him and say “I think we should have some swimming pool sex, you down?” I am pretty sure he would not even say no to me even if it was a bad idea. His cock wants me and my pussy needs him. We make our way to the pool. Once we are in and there are people around we try to be as discreet as possible. He is groping my boobs and I am stroking his cock. I lean up against the wall in the pool and his bare cock is pushed up against me. To others, it looks like he is hugging me but the truth is his cock is balls deep inside of me while my bikini bottoms are to the side. 

We are careful not to make too much motion in the water. 

Which leads me to think about creating motion in the ocean. Luckily for us, the beach is just steps away. We fix ourselves and make our way to the beach. I am soaking wet. The swimming pool sex has me all hot and bothered. Finally, we are in the ocean and no one can tell that I am getting rammed by his cock that is balls deep inside of me. He feels so good inside of me. I am cumming on his cock and about to get him to blow a hot load inside of me. “Blow that load in me! I need your cum!” He squirts his hot cum inside my pussy. It feels so good having his load buried inside of me. I love getting a hot creampie even in water! I think we need a sexy do-over in the pool.

I’m wanting all of my holes so full of his sticky white cream. 

We make our way back to the pool so that we can have some hot swimming pool sex. My ass needs to be full of his hot cum filled dick. I love that I can get load after load out of him. As we are in the pool, I let him stand behind me. His cock is ramming in and out of my puckered pink hole. I love so much that he shows me no mercy. He is grabbing my hips even though there are people around and he is stuffing himself in and out of me hard and fast. “That is right baby, creampie my tight ass hole and fill me up! I want and need my holes to be full of your jizz.” Finally, I can feel that load oozing inside of me and filling me all the way up! I love having his cum inside of me. 

Swimming pool sex is the best! Maybe we should try something different next time. Like the time I had hot cuckolding sex. That was so hot! I bet he would really love watching me get fucked by another man!

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