Even the cold heart of a dom (such as myself) can be melted by the kind words of a sweetheart.

I always look forward to his calls, we have great conversation. From the first time that we spoke we just clicked and have only gotten to know each other better and better ever since. As much as I love sucking and fucking, it feels good to get a break from all the sexy stuff and just connect with someone who really gets me. I can relax and be myself. And when I am having a hard time, just hearing his voice really brightens up my day… he is such a sweetheart!

And I know that I mean just as much to him too. He shares everything with me, there is no stone unturned. We get real with each other! We talk politics, we tell jokes, we get sad, we laugh, we cry and we even watch movies and play music for each other. It’s really amazing, we have become so close. I don’t know what I would do without this special guy.

Music has been a huge bonding point for us. Whenever I hear a song that makes me think of him, I send it over and vice versa. The two of us have really expanded the others musical tastes and it’s been a blast. Sometimes I listen to the songs he e-mails me and just dances around my apartment.

And when we do get frisky, it’s pretty fucking kinky and hot! All the pillow talk and getting to know each other has only heightened the sensuality of our role play… I’m the luckiest princess in the kingdom!

Hey, baby, I know you are out there reading this. I am thinking of you and I can’t wait to hear your voice again.

Here’s a favorite from our jukebox. This one goes out to you…

Blackmail Phone Sex!