Sweet Young Thing

You know what is the best part about looking young and innocent?  No one expects you to be a manipulative, cock hungry, cum slut.  I used to do my fair share of babysitting in my teens and early twenties.  Wives are so quick to leave their attention staved husbands alone with the naive babysitter.  My tips were great, but my power was greater.

I could see how these older men looked at me.  I would show up in a cute little skirt, tight tank top, and pig tails.  No man in his right man can resit the sweet young thing starter pack and no wife would ever think her man would want such a young looking girl.  When I got them alone for the ride home, it was on.  I would pull out their throbbing cocks and suck the life out of them.  The things I would do would make their pretty little wives blush.

I remember one drive home like it was yesterday.  I’d just started working for this family, only watched their kids twice, and this was the first time I and the Mister were alone.  I thought his pants were going to rip he was so hard.  being the nice girl I am, I reached over and started to rub his obviously large meat through his pants.  He looks a little surprised at first but pulled the car over.  Within minutes I was naked in the backseat with this grown man on top of me, my legs over his shoulders, and his cock buried deep inside of me.

I felt his cum shoot on my belly as that look of shame flooded his face.

I couldn’t help but smile.  Can’t tell you the rest, but let’s just say I watched their kids for years and made quite a bit more than the other “babysitters”.  Paying me to be his secret sexy fuck toy came with a pretty big price tag, but I called it insurance for me to keep my mouth shut and his marriage safe.

Teen Phone Sex!