Have you ever wanted to do something really naughty using your phone? Well I bought a water proof case for just that reason! It all started….

When I had to take my phone in to get fixed. One of the updates had caused a serious glitch and while I was at the store I had failed to remember to take all my naked selfie’s off of my phone, luckily though the guy was really hot and I could tell by the look on his face that he liked what he saw. So on a whim I decided to get myself a waterproof case. He was hot and well I’ve always had this secret little fantasy of seducing a techie type guy.

He went into the backroom with my phone telling me he had to go uplink it to one of the computers back there and when I got it back he’d left his phone number and a dick pic on my phone, it was purrrfect! So when I was paying I told him he could ring or text my anytime, I even had him ring up that waterproof case. So for 2 days I didn’t hear from him and finally when I did the text I got went as followed

“Hey it’s me from the store….you seem like a girl who likes to do wild shit so I want you to put your phone in my panties and keep it there for the next 3 hours keep it on vibrate”

“;) Okies totally…but what are you gonna do?”

“You’ll find out real soon”

So I did just that. My phone has a really strong ass vibrator on silent. So the first time he rang me I was in the middle of making myself some lunch. It felt soooo good. He kept sending my texts and calling here and there for those 3 hours getting me hot and horny but not doing it enough to let me have a toe curling orgasm from that phone.

But it sure got me hot! You know what happened after those 3 hours?