Ever since I was a little girl one of my favorite musicals/movies/events has been the Rocky Horror Picture Show. I love the music, the dancing, the clothes.. the huge events that happen. ALL of it! But, it is one of the things that opened me up to different sexualities. And I have always thought about Dr. Frank-n-furter. And if I were in the movie… how hot it would be to fuck him.


It was cold and wet outside. I knocked on the door and it is answered by the butler, Riff Raff. He tells me to come in and I do. it’s dusty and covered in cobwebs in this old house. But, I kind of like the webs. Riff Raff brings me into the hall and the maid, Magenta, enters the room, smiling. “You look… wet.,” a gleam in her eye as she looks me up and down. I nod and smile sweetly. Riff Raff begins to take off my clothing. I am a little confused but am no stranger to someone taking my clothing off.

I stand in just my black push-up bra, black lace thong, and 6 inch black Louboutins. “The master is about to sit down for dinner. Please, join him. Follow me.” And they take me into the dining hall. Magenta shoves a sheer black robe in my face before I am seated. I quickly wrap it around myself and sit down. The lift in the back of the room opens up and I hear the clunk of platform shoes. The sound stops next to my chair and I look up.. and there before I is this gorgeous creature. Dr. Frank-n-furter, the sweetest transvestite. Long legs, big bulge, deep red lips… I felt my pussy get so wet right then. He reaches for my hand, smiling like the Cheshire Cat, charmingly whispers “Enchante,” and kisses my hand.

I watch his perky ass wiggle to his seat at the head of the table. I could barely concentrate on dinner, which I think was turkey, who knows. I just couldn’t help but imagine Frankie’s head between my legs. I wanted to feel his red lips on my pink pussy. I smiled and laughed and flirted with him.. hoping that he will see my interest. He flirted back and I just wanted to scream “FUCK ME, NOW,” but I kept my cool.

Frankie left to his bedroom for the night and Riff Raff showed me to mine. I looked around the room and saw there was a little camera in the corner.. I knew someone must have been watching me. So I dropped the robe on the floor, followed by my bra and panties. I laid on the bed thinking about Frankie and how I wanted him so. I began to pull on my nipples and lightly rub my pussy which was soaked. I spread my legs open far and stuck a finger inside myself. Mmm, felt so good.

There was a knock at the door…

More to cum in part 2!

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