Sweet sensual sex with Kate

You’re just home from work, you’ve joined me in bed to unwind. Mind-blowing sex should do the trick! I’m dressed up in my sexiest lingerie for you. A soft black sexy baby doll push up top, a perfect g-string to match. I have on my black thigh highs and red sexy spiked pumps. My hair is curled for you, letting it fall around my shoulders and breasts. I know how much you love my pretty, long blonde hair.

You’re kissing your way over my body. Grazing me lightly with your lips. You reach up and pull down one of my cups, freeing my right breast. Kissing your way down to my nipple. It’s already hard from you touching me. You nip it with your teeth and my body shudders. Pulling it into your mouth you suck on it and my hips buck up against you. You settle between my thighs so I can rub my pussy against your hard cock. I moan in ecstasy.

You pull down my other cup so my breasts are pushed up, perky and beautiful just for you. Picture perfect;). You slide your hand between my legs, teasing my pussy over my panties. They’re already soaked for you. Slowly sliding your fingers underneath the fabric you pull them down my legs and off completely. Teasing my clit with your fingertips you kiss me hard. Your other hand running through my hair, tugging lightly.

I can’t take it anymore I reach down and pull your cock out.

Sliding it up and down my sweet, dripping pussy lips. I need you so fucking bad. I need you inside me. You continue to kiss me and I guide your cock into my pussy. You fill me up so perfectly. Grinding against me, inside me, filling me up. It’s ecstasy and I never want it to stop. Don’t let it;)