I’ve always been daddy’s good girl, I love to be his sweet little princess.

Daddy tells me I’m his DWB. What’s that, you ask? Well, it stands for a daughter with benefits. As long as I keep daddy happy and taken care of, he keeps his sweet little princess spoiled. Daddy is always buying me gifts and all the latest devices. But what daddy doesn’t know is that he doesn’t have to spoil me. Because I want his big fat cock. I love the way he takes his time and makes sure that I feel good; that’s the difference between a boy and a man. A boy is all about what he can get from a girl. A man explores every instrument and finds the one that makes you sing.

It can start so innocently as a cuddle, or a kiss, then the sexual tension rises.

You know I’m your sweet little princess to do with as you will. Your breath catches in your throat as you take in my sweet smell. As you make your way down my body, I tease that I don’t want it, but you know your sweet little princess is lying. I give in, and you trail kisses down my chest, stopping off at the twin peaks to take a little tour around the hills, tasting every inch of your sweet little princess. As you make your way south, my back arches guiding your journey to the sweet cave of my passion. You dip deep inside, and when you come up for air, I see the shine of my pleasure on your lips.

Then without a word, I repay the favor as I pull you up to me and kiss your sweet nectar covered lips.

You lay back, knowing what I want to do to you. I run my sweet soft tongue down the whole length of your body. The feel of your fully engorged cock in my mouth calms me, making me feel wanted and useful and yours. As my warm wet lips wrap around you, and the breath you let out is full of calm satisfaction. I am in my place, being your sweet little princess. Then like a gentle breeze, I’m atop you, straddling my strong daddy. The soft, deep pleasure of you inside me is sweet and loving. There is an edge of tension building between my thighs. You take hold of my waist. I love it when you do that, making me feel tiny. My body is yours, one move pulling me almost off you, the next firmly forcing me all the way down with sensations that flood my body.

You feel your reward run down your cock.

As my nails dig into your back, my mouth on yours, or sometimes on your neck before I must break free for air, I cannot get enough. I want to kiss your lips, as I ride, finding my rhythm and pace. I am a sweet little princess atop her trusty steed, without warning, it changes. Now, you’re behind me, hands firmly at the top of my hips, guiding yourself into my slick, glistening heat, I cannot talk now, my mind does not form clear thoughts, there are no words, only feelings, physical need, penetration, and satisfaction. To be taken like daddy’s sweet little princess, it is all I need and want. I open up myself to you and reveal my softness for you, wanting you to take all of me.

He loved me with daddy’s sweet touch.

I am your sweet little princess at this moment, and no one else exists, but the two of us. I feel your hand slide up my back as you lay your weight into me. Your long deep strokes have me in ecstasy, and I’m about to flow over the edge once more. Now, as your body drips with my wetness, you are close to letting yourself go. I am ready of course. I want it! Your grip tightens, and your strokes quicken. I tighten my grip on you as well. Finally milking your delicious cock with my little pussy. Your sweet little princess wants daddy’s pleasure deep inside her. With your hands now on my shoulders and one last thrust, I feel you fill me. As I lay there with your cock still pumping inside me, I think to myself, what a lucky DWB I am.

Call me, daddy, and let me be your sweet little princess or your bratty teen. It’s all possible in my world. I can make your wildest dreams come true from MILF to ageplay phone sex, or anything in between!