Daddy didn’t know I was home early from school when he came in from work on that hot summer day. He thought he would be the only one in the house and he could do whatever he pleased. When I peeked through his bedroom door and saw him jerking off to my pictures I took off my panties and threw on the floor in the hallway. Daddy jumped when he heard the door open.

His cock was hard in his hand and the pre-cum was on his fingers. My clit swelled. I knew Daddy listened to me masturbate late at night. I did it to arouse him and show him that his little girl’s pussy was ripe and ready to be plucked. He had been obsessed with me ever since he “accidentally walked in on me as I was leaving the shower one day. So finding him standing over my pictures with his throbbing cock in his hand was no surprise.

I still had my school uniform on when I caught Daddy jerking his dick. When I walked over to him and bent over in front of his face his mouth was watering. He lifted my skirt, peeled back my ass, exposing my soft ripe pussy. He forced his aching cock inside of me. It took him a few minutes to get it all the way in because of the tightness of my young pussy. Once he stretched me wide enough, my pussy had to surrender to my Daddy’s huge cock being plunged deeper and deeper. My hips released back into him and he fucked his little girl until I came all over his dick and balls.

Daddy came too. And when he came deep inside of my pussy most of it stayed inside of my womb and the rest of it leaked from pussy on to the bedroom floor. Rubbing my ass and calling me his sweet girl, he told me that he was in love with me. He kissed me and told me to shower with him before mom came home. He ate my pussy and fucked my face as the warm water hit our bodies. I did as my Daddy told me. He fucked me again that night and every night after that.

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