I Am Your Sweet Baby Girl Daddy!

I’m Daddy’s sweet baby girl. I know I am. It’s just a matter of time before he realizes that I am his one true love and that only I would love him forever. I know, when Mommy and him were married they procured love to one another. I know that. When I came along though, I was Daddy’s only one and believe me when I say this, I will be Daddy’s only one!

Our relationship can be quite complicated at times. All the sneaking around does make it a lot more exciting. I still remember the first I told him I was his baby girl. It was a few years ago and the first time him and I actually had sex. I was in my room, grounded once again for wearing something very inappropriate, when he came in. It was like him and I were meant for each other. He looked into my pretty brown eyes and started kissing me. From that moment on, I knew I’d be his forever.

Daddy started kissing my neck. Then started making his way down. I didn’t stop him. He pulled up my shirt and kissed my flat tummy. It tickled and I giggled. He kissed my inner thighs under my skirt and I could feel his hot breath right over my panties. When his tongue finally entered my pussy I was soaking wet. SO WET! It didn’t take me long before I was cumming right on his tongue. He came up and kissed me, making me taste myself. Then it happened.

He unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. I’d never seen a cock so big. He pinned my arms over my head as he kissed my neck and pounded my pussy. When I felt his hot cum filling me up I came a second time, right on his cock. I whispered in his ear I was his sweet baby girl and believe me, I always will be.

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