I work out a lot. I spend a lot of time keeping this bod tight and soooo fuckable. I usually do cardio and weights and then grab a yoga class during the day. Yesterday I did an early morning class- it was long and intense and it made me feel so good and horny. After the class I sat on the bench in the locker room and decided to do my Kegel exercises.
These are exercises I learned to keep my pelvis strong and tight. I love being able to give myself long hard orgasms and I love surprising guys when I can squeeze their tock hard cock while I am being fucked.

I lay on the gym floor still in my tight sweaty yoga pants and a little tank top. I was tightening my pussy breathing in and out with my eyes closed.
My cunt felt wet- I was turning myself on so I started to touch my pussy through my clothes, rubbing my pussy lips, letting the friction feeling make them swell.
I was totally in my zone when I opened my eyes and saw two guys looking over me. I realized I was in the mens locker room. The two guys were staring intently at me, and it was obvious they were turned on. The bulges in their shorts did not lie.

I told them to come closer. I started to slide my yoga pants down, and I let them drop to the floor. I was already feeling slight contractions from touching myself through my pants. I pulled my panties to the side so they could see how wet and engorged my pussy lips were. I grabbed one of the boys head, and pulled him close. He was practically drooling as he went down on my sweet juicy cunt. I squealed as his mouth ravaged me. I told the other guy to come closer. He ripped out his rock hard cock and I took it into my mouth. His cock felt good inside my warm wet mouth and I made sure he came hard for me.

I swallowed his cum while his friend put his huge cock inside me. I tightened my pelvic muscles around his cock when he was inside of me. As I released my hold he could not wait and he came hard inside of me. I did too. Many times.

More guys started coming into the locker room, glancing our way, smiling, some were stroking their cocks. I came multiple times and once we finished I was dripping with sweat and cum saliva. It was such a great workout.

As I was getting dressed to go- I couldn’t find my yoga pants. I walked around the locker room and saw guy in the corner sniffing the dirty pants. He looked at me and begged me to let him keep them. He offered me $100 so I let him have them. I took a towel from the locker room and walked home with it wrapped around my waist, smiling and still feeling the contractions from my orgasms. That is what I call an amazing workout!

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