I Know You Want To Sniff My Sweaty Ass

I know you do! But what would you do to have a lick of it. I might have to make you do a few other things before you get to taste and maybe even fuck my sweaty ass. The fact is that I love bicycle rides, even more so in the fall. It isn’t cold at all here so you know I will still leave my bicycle seat a bit wet with sweat and that is where everything starts off with.

I get home from the great ride and I know you are waiting. Like I said though, I am going to really tease you! First, you won’t get to get the real thing just yet. I want you to press your nose up against that bicycle seat. Sniff that leather. I want to see that cock rock hard and I want you to beg for my ass on your face. You want it don’t you? By now you are probably ready to press that nose up against my ass. I want you on your knees right in back of me.

I spread my ass wide open for you, still wearing my sweat soaked shorts and make you stick your face right in. Go ahead, it’s one step closer towards what your cock really craves. Pull my shorts and panties down. I am wrapping my dirty undies on your cock and telling you to lay on your back. The time is here.

Sit back and relax as I squad over your face. Even though the sweat has dried you know that musky sweet scent is still there. Let me watch you stroke your cock with my dirty panties as I feel your tongue press up against my butthole. I know what you want, and if you do a good job, you might just get it.

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