He closed his eyes put his head back bucked his hips and gave his sister something neither of them will never ever forget….

The summer I graduated everything was crazy at my house. I was getting ready for college while my brother was getting ready for high school. Something about that summer just before high school, it’s like everything changes. Boys get hornier, girls get bigger tits, and it all works out perfectly. My brother was such a cutie. All the girls loved him, but he was so shy that he never paid them too much attention. He mostly hung out with his friends skateboarding out front. This summer though I noticed some things changing. I watched from the window as he was the last one of his friends to take off his shirt. He was so tall now at 5’8″ and his chest was getting broader, he had hair under his arms, and his butt was getting a little more squeezable. I was proud of my lil bro! I even wanted to give his butt a smack and tell him a great job! He’s adorable!

As he skated I couldn’t help but notice in his loose shorts his cock was swinging. Yes. I said it. I could see it every time his foot hit the cement his cock bounced around how I never noticed before I have no idea. So I know I know, who looks at their little brother like this? I was thinking about it too, but I couldn’t stop. It’s like he suddenly sprang a big cock overnight.

I knew as soon as he came in he was going to head for the shower and I was going to be ready to see it. Fuck it. I’m going for it.

The door slammed and he jogged up the steps. I had the bathroom door open just a crack while I put some lipstick on and had flashbacks of his cock bouncing in his shorts. As I bent over the sink the door swung open and he turned on the shower…

Umm hello? Do you see me here doing something?

Yah, but I gotta shower and be at hockey soon

Well, I have to finish my make up so I can go to work. Just whatever, do it and I won’t look. Who cares.

sister sex
I want to fuck my brother

Turned back around and out of the corner of my eye in the mirror I could see my brother yank his shorts down, cupping his cock, and quickly getting in the shower. I kept taking peeks watching him get washed like he was in some sort of race, his hands though, slowed down when he reached his cock. So I saw him through the blurry grass gripping and stroking his young cock several times, it excited me so much to see my little brother jerking off at this moment that I had to seize it.

You know it feels better when you actually have a girl do it.

Shut up, I forgot you were here, he muttered.

Oh don’t be embarrassed. From here it looks like a really nice cock. I’d do it for you so you could feel.

I slid the glass door over slowly and watched my brother cover himself with two hands while I dropped my town and got into the shower. The look on his face was pure terror. For some reason, that turned me on even more.

Stopp it. What are you hiding for?

You’re my sister. Ya think maybe that might be why, he said.

I’m your sister and I’m supposed to teach you some things. Move your hands and come here.

Sister jerking off brother

I picked up the bar of soap and turned my brother around so he couldn’t see me. When my hand hit his cock and I squeezed I felt it grow another 2 inches around. His cock was burning hot in my fingers. I gently gripped it, loosely sliding my fingers up and down my little brother dick. After several strokes, I began to caress his balls when his cock thrust all the way through my fingers. Sliding tight under them and squeezing back around his cock stroking to the tip he started to relax.

He put his head back, leaned into his big sister behind him, and started fucking my hand harder. He even placed his hand on top of mine showing me how tight to squeeze for my brother. I felt his balls tighten so I cupped them with my left hand while he fucked my right hand as hard as a brother should fuck his older sister. I imagined his cock pounding through my cunt like this and almost came when I touched my clit.

The water started splashing out as he fucked my fingers…and finally, he turned around. There his cock was. At least 8.5 inches and so thick almost poking me as he stared at my body.

Well Charlie? What now?

Call me and let’s finish this fantasy. I’ll tell you all about how I made my little brother cum.

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