Swallowing Daddy’s Cum: I’m A Good Girl For Daddy & His Friends

Swallowing daddy’s cum… because I am a good girl. Daddy brings his friends over sometimes too so they can watch daddy treat me like a good slut. And they love to play with me too!

Daddy likes to come into my room at night and play with me. And I love my daddy so I won’t be telling anyone our little secret. Especially when daddy pumps me full of his cummies! I love to swallow every drop any chance I get.

And of course, daddy brings his friends over for beers and the hot entertainment… aka me! They all come inside and sit down in the living room and get a little silly with their beers. And after a while, daddy calls me downstairs to show me off.

I make sure to wear a cute, short skirt and tight crop top so you can see my perky nipples. No panties either. And I sit on daddy’s lap. He starts to run his hand between my thighs and spreads my legs to show off my cute, pink pussy to all his friends.

They all make sure to gather ’round and watch as daddy pulls off my crop top to show off my beautiful and perky titties. I giggle as everyone watches daddy touch my “button,” and he makes me get slippery. My pussy gets really wet when my daddy fingers me too! And daddy really knows what he’s doing.

No boy has ever made me feel the way daddy does.

And I make sure daddy knows it by kissing him on the mouth with my tongue. Next, daddy lays me down on the couch with my legs put behind my head to show how flexible I am to his friends. Then he pulls out his big daddy cock and pushes into my pink pussy. I moan and giggle a little to show my daddy how much I love him.

Daddy thrusts in and out of my pussy, making me feel so good that I almost cry. As I said, no boy has ever made me feel the way daddy does. Daddy continues and then his friends come over to me and start shoving their pretty cocks in my face. So I suck them and jerk them off so daddy will call me a good girl.

Daddy then takes his cock out and lets his friends take turns in my pussy. And daddy shoves his massive cock into my mouth so I in the end it’s only me swallowing daddy’s cum. His friends then fuck every one of my holes as daddy is in my mouth, they even fuck my hands and feet! I love being used like a good slut.

They all start cumming in my pussy one by one. And by the end, I am just FILLED to the BRIM with 5 different men’s cum! Isn’t that something? Daddy is so proud of me for being such a good slut that he tells me to get on my knees so they can watch as every drop of cum drips out of me.

Daddy stands up and watches the cum drip out of me like I’m a fountain of cum. And then he shoves his pink daddy cock back into my mouth so I can be a good girl for him. He grabs my hair and fucks my throat, making me choke and gag on his cock. And makes tears run down my cheeks as he thrusts deeper and deeper.

Daddy knows I am his best cum dump.

That’s why he has me be the cum dumpster at his parties! Ooo and daddy says if I keep helping him and his friends out then I can live out daddy’s pegging fantasy play that he has in his mind! Daddy knows how much I have wanted to play with him like that! And he’s just as excited as I am.

And daddy says he thinks about that when he’s balls deep in my throat. Which is what makes him cum so hard. And the next thing I know daddy is grunting and shooting a huge wad of cum down my throat.

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