Cuckold? You’re about to find out Roxy’s description of that!

Cuckold husband has run through your mind, but when Roxy takes over it takes on a whole new meaning. When you are wanting the most sensual and twisted phone sex, you know the naughty housewife can deliver.  The voyeuristic side I’d introduced you to has the kinkiest thoughts running through your mind daily, dying to masturbate with me on the phone.

Don’t worry darling, you know Roxy will make all your fantasies come to life. You know it’s really too bad that your wife enjoys my sultry voice in her ear now instead of yours, or is it? The night you decided to bring her in on the fun was the night that changed your life forever wasn’t it? Cuckold with a twist …….. an erotic twist that the naughty housewife can weave. All you could do was sit back and stare as I made her my toy, and you the drooling cuckold.

You’d been dying to have you and your wife turn me into your sweet little treat. That cock of yours is so rock hard ready to take the plunge.  Your wife is good and tipsy ready to let her tongue take a dip in my wet pool down below.  But I had other plans and was about to show my hand and win this poker match.  I pushed you down on the chair in your bedroom and stood behind your wife. Rubbing and teasing her nipples through her sheer silk shirt, making her wiggle and moan.  As I watched you, kissing her neck, letting my tongue slide up to her ear I had to smile. She’d always been such a vanilla girl you said, but I’m the perfect one to turn her into a sex-craved, pussy yearning woman ……. all for your pleasure to watch and stroke …. to be MY cuckold.

As I ripped off her blouse, she gasped.  I unzipped her skirt and let my hand slide down the front, teasing her aroused pussy with my fingernail.  ‘Watch Joe’, I whispered.  Your eyes and mind weren’t the only things attentive to what was going on. Your dick in your hand just throbbing, wanting so badly to join in but I wasn’t going to let that happen.  The other cuckold stories I’d told you had always turned you on, but you always told me you’d never be one. But you see …… you are! In a twisted way I’m seducing your wife in front of your face, and make you sit there, watching, yearning, jerking …… and nothing more.

I handed her a toy and we intertwined our legs.  With one hand inserting our vibrators, the other squeezing each other’s breasts. Our tongues flickered each other’s nipples then into each other’s mouths.  I heard you whine like a puppy dog, sad to be left out in the cold.  But you know how it is …….. Roxy always gets what she wants. So jerk your cock cuckold, there’ll be no frosting our cupcakes tonight.

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke