I should knock before going into someone’s house but I didn’t think I’d walk in on anything too weird at 10 in the morning. I definitely wasn’t expecting more Family Sex Stories.

 Then I remembered him and thought he was hurt so I went to see if he was okay. What a great mistake that was because it leads to more Family Sex Stories.

 I found him in the living room with his pants off, porn blasting on the giant tv and his dick in his hand. Some blonde slut was bouncing up and down on a guy’s dick.  Uncle Caleb was slowly jerking his dick as he groaned and murmured “Yeah, fuck, keep going.”  It was like he was part of the action.

Do all guys suddenly start jerking off the minute they’re alone?

I didn’t know what to do, he isn’t that hot but I was curious to see how big he was and I love watching guys play with their dicks.

I just stood there quietly in the entryway and watched as one hand pumped his dick and the other one squeezed his balls. He was so into it that it turned me on and my pussy started to feel tight and heavy.

 Undoing the button on my jeans I slid a hand inside so I could touch my pussy. I pressed two fingers against it but it was hard to get going because I wanted him to know I was there, to do it with me. It would be naughtier and our little secret.

 I was so nervous and scared as I went into the room, stopping in front of him. He freaked and grabbed a pillow to cover himself as he asked me what I was doing here.

I turned the tv off and took the pillow away before sitting beside him. “It’s okay, I won’t tell Aunt Sarah,” I said and slid off my jeans and panties while he watched. I then leaned back, opened my legs and ran a finger over my pussy.

I knew I was going to add to my sexy collection of Family Sex Stories.

 Pushing the tip inside and out, going a bit deeper each time as Uncle Caleb put his hand back on his hard, throbbing dick. “Come on, you know you want to do more,” I told him.

 I shoved my finger inside and started pumping it while I used my other hand to squeeze my tit through my shirt.

 The fabric rubbed my sensitive nipple and I moaned as I pushed in a second finger. They were wet with pussy juices and my uncle sat sideways so he could see all of me as he started stroking his dick with smooth, fast movements.

His head was shiny with pre-cum and his balls were pulling up tight as he went faster. I slid my fingers up and put them around my clit so I could rub it as my fingers got even more slippery. “You’re so fucking hot.” he panted and he did shaky breaths as I ran my foot up his thigh.

We stayed touching each other while we kept masturbating, watching each other as we got closer to cumming.

My finger slid over my clit and I came suddenly, letting out a loud gasp. When it passed I opened my eyes just in time to see my uncle cum all over himself.

He looked so ashamed afterward because he knew we shouldn’t have done this.  I don’t think either of us regrets it though. Another incest sex story for my naughty callers!

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