I don’t know about you but for me, there is nothing as nice as a good cock during my workday. Especially a surprise work BBC fuck! My boss was out when a sexy black gentleman comes in looking for her.

He is wearing a Prada suit that fits him like a glove. This man must be getting them made to order. His body is a well-chiseled machine as well. I am struggling to focus.

Of course, I explain she had a meeting to attend and will not be back for another hour. He is quite polite and calm as I am explaining this. Then, he tells me he can wait for her.

Yes, this is where my surprise work BBC fuck is coming into play, friends.

I set Mr. Gorgeous up with an espresso and go about my duties. We are busy and I have many tasks to accomplish today. Although, his presence is not making it easy.

And, I notice he is checking me out. Men go crazy over me and my fine attributes. Sexy-ass worship is a regular thing for me and my many subs. So, his noticing isn’t a surprise.

Yet, I am still not expecting a surprise work BBC fuck. He is obviously here for something important. So, I am not expecting to refocus him on me, however, I am that good.

As I am moving about the shop doing things, I notice he has followed me.

He is now asking me questions about myself. I am more than happy to answer them. He is digging my style and also, wants to know if I am open for dinner tonight.

Fuck, yes, I am! Then, he leans in and tells me, “I am one of the most beautiful women he has seen in a long time.” I smirk and tell him that isn’t the smoothest pickup line.

Then, Mr. Gorgeous, tells me it is the truth, hands me his card, and proceeds to lean in and kiss me. Here comes my surprise work BBC fuck, folks. When I see who he is, I want him even more.

This man is a designing genius, and my surprise work BBC fuck today!

Smiling from ear to ear, I take him to a private room in the back that has settees and loveseats. He is all over me and I am loving it. Neither of us has plans of fully undressing.

He lifts my skirt and expertly slides my panties down. Then, he goes down on me. Oh, he has me on the edge of cumming in no time. He doesn’t let me cum though.

My surprise work BBC fuck then pulls out his monster cock and I drop down to suck it. I get him rock-hard and ready for my wet pussy. He lifts my skirt, drops his pants to his ankles, and dives in.

His anaconda of a dick is stretching my pussy out and I love it!

We get a smooth motion going as we get to fucking. He is quite good at this. I am sure he has fucked a lot of models and more. Soon, we are both cumming hard.

He smiles at me and pulls his dick out. I hand him a tissue, and he wipes it off and says, “Shall we go up front to wait for your boss? You have my card and I expect a call from you for dinner plans.”

Well, this is awesome. My surprise work BBC fuck and I go back up front and wait for my boss. She is none the wiser when she arrives back at the shop. Curious to know how dinner and other things went?

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