Surprise Tickle Torture: No one has ever understood the hot release that you get from being tickled. Until now.

Surprise tickle torture is something you’ve fantasized about forever. After all, the loss of control followed by the ultimate, hot release is irresistible, isn’t it?  It’s time to stop jerking off about it, baby. Admit it, you NEED to feel what it’s actually like to be tickled over and over again. Yes, for REAL. Even more, what it would be like to be tormented by tickling that you can’t possibly escape?

You awaken in an unfamiliar, brightly-lit room. Understandably, you’re wondering just how the fuck you got here. You wonder how you got here. Did that hot, blonde college girl in the bar spike your drink with something? All you remember is getting a little wasted, then somehow telling her all about your tickling fantasy.

First, you notice that you are completely naked.

Second, you become abruptly aware that you’re securely strapped to something that strangely reminds you of a kinky dentist’s chair, only there are separate supports for each leg, spreading your thighs *very* wide. Third, you realize that you’re helpless and totally vulnerable!

Surprise Tickle Torture, Hello!!! Completely freaked out by this point, you start struggling desperately.

However, you are securely bound to this chair. Abruptly, you realize that you are NOT going anywhere. Nope, nothing’s moving except your fingers and toes. In light of your restrained state, you’re absurdly grateful that at least you can move your head.

A slight breeze wafts across your bare skin, almost tickling you. Instantly, you’re shivering. Glancing upward, you see a ceiling fan lazily spinning almost directly overhead.

Looking around, you notice all manner of items hanging on the walls and sitting on shelves around the room. WTF?! Besides a multitude of brightly-colored feathers, you stare a bunch of feather dusters made of tickly-looking materials. Next, you look at all of the different types of brushes of various textures and colors.

In addition, you can’t imagine the purpose of all those brightly colored balloons of various shapes and sizes. On top of that, you notice butt plugs, dildos, and other toys that look like they might vibrate or do fuck-knows-what. Even more, you can’t stop staring at what appears to be a large assortment of…electric toothbrushes? Amazing, you’re starring in a Femdom Fetish story that’s about to “cum” true!

Groaning softly, you shiver in antici………………………..pation.

As you begin to suspect the purpose of all these “implements,” your cock stiffens into a hot, throbbing boner between your bound thighs. Suddenly, a door opens somewhere behind you.

You struggle a bit as you hear multiple footsteps approaching your helplessly restrained body. Oh shit, you’re thinking. Who the hell just walked in? As you tug uselessly at the leather straps, six people stride into view.

Standing around your bondage chair are three women of differing ages, and … two men? Shockingly, the sixth person’s appearance indicates a shemale. Oooh, a tranny girl? Suddenly, this realization has you struggling in earnest.

But as one might expect, resisting avails you nothing. Nada. Zip. In the center of all this sexiness, you recognize the seductive young blonde from the bar, obviously the leader.

As I trail a fingernail up the length of your restrained, naked body, you realize this is really happening. Your fantasy is about to become VERY real.

Grinning wickedly, I inform you that we will “interrogate,” ravish and punish you by locating and tickling every existing, sensitive spot on your entire body. Of course, you’ll be powerless to prevent ANYTHING that we do to you. How very titillating! So to speak. 😜

Mmmm, what happens next? In other words, who will help me in tickling every inch of your helpless body? More specifically, just how many people will be involved in teasing and tormenting you nearly out of your mind?

In short, one thing is clear. Once we begin, you’ll never want us to stop. In fact, you’ll submit to our surprise tickle torture. Furthermore, you know that I’m not going to stop until I’m satisfied.

While you beg and plead and cry for relief, you’ll still enjoy every single second. In the end, we’ll leave you a breathless, orgasmic, sweaty mess. Which, of course, is exactly what you’ve always wanted.

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