That’s right, it’s time for your surprise sissy exposure experience. You’ll be all that you can be, Sissy … or ELSE!

When you woke up this morning, could you have guessed that TODAY is the day of your first surprise sissy exposure experience? This “incident” occurred during my freshman year, during what I thought would be your average doctor visit. Seriously, this is one of those real sex stories that I couldn’t possibly have made up! Read on to find out why it turned out to be anything but routine!

I stopped in for a last-minute appointment with Dr. Marica before leaving for my spring break vacay. Since it was the end of the day, I arrived to find an empty office. Or so I thought!

“Hello? Is there anyone here?” I called out as I peeked into the back office area, then wandered down the quiet hallway. Approaching from around the corner, I stopped short, just before the open door. Standing in front of a full-length mirror, Dr. Marica stood in the middle of his office wearing nothing but a matching, hot pink lace and satin bra-and-panty ensemble with a garter belt and black fishnet stockings.

Last but not least, his calves were attractively arched, courtesy of sleek, pink leather stilettos! He slowly caressed himself through the silky material of the panties, biting his lower lip as he continued to edge himself.

Here “cums” your surprise sissy exposure experience, “Dr. Sissy!”

Putting my phone into the silent, no-flash mode, I recorded the entire scene, also rapidly snapping a series of shots before quickly slipping back down the corridor to the waiting room. Just in the nick of time too, because Dr. M poked his head through the receptionist’s window a few minutes later to casually call me into the exam room.

On a side note, I wonder if my orthodontist realizes that his last name means “SISSY” in another language? That’s funny AF!

Dressed as usual in his chinos, dress shirt, tie, white doctor’s jacket, and loafers, he acted completely normal, as if he hadn’t just been masturbating in front of a mirror in his office, the flaming sissy slut!

My orthodontist commented that he could see I was not wearing my retainer. Oops! Um, well … Clearly, I should’ve worn it daily since I had my braces removed a few months before, but I had a very good reason why not.

However, I couldn’t exactly tell my doc that constant blowjobs, cocksucking, and deep throating tend to make a girl forget to wear the damned thing, amIright?!

He threatened to “blow” the whistle on me by telling my parents, who would then have to pay additional fees for my orthodontic treatment. Looking him straight in the eye, I blew HIS whistle instead: “If you strip RIGHT NOW to show me what you’re wearing under there, maybe, just *maybe* I won’t tell Mom and Dad…

 “…that my very “professional” orthodontist is a fucking little sissy boy who dresses up like a girl and probably takes it up the ass too!”

Dr. Marica turned utterly red and tried to bluster his way out of it. First, he tried calling me crazy. Then, he demanded to know who did I think I was and blah blah freaking blah. “If I’m so inappropriate, how come your clitty’s making that huge TENT in your panties, Dr. M?” I snickered. “Yes, I said ‘clitty!'”

I laughed, pointing with a well-manicured, French-tipped nail at the front of his now not-so-flat trousers. Then I smirked as I showed him the vid, along with the set of incriminating pics I’d taken as I purred: “Don’t want the “evidence” ending up online, do you, Doc? Now, you’ll do EVERY single thing I command you to do, won’t you, Dr. Sissy? Of course, you will!”

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