urprise Sex! Tied Up And Fucked!

I have always had a running fantasy of just laying on the couch or walking outside in my back yard and being grabbed and taken hostage by my boyfriend. I don’t know why, but the thrill of surprise sex, being completely caught off guard, has me wet just thinking about it.

I’m at home one day and I’m walking down the hall and I turn the corner and BAM! From behind I feel a huge figure brush up against me and pull a sack over my head. Once I feel that happen, I’m smiling because my boyfriend actually listened to me. He’s doing all this to fulfill my desires, he’s even paying attention to detail by throwing me over his shoulder! I’m thrown on the bed and my clothes are ripped straight from my body. I wasn’t wearing much in the first place just a tank top and short shorts, no bra and a lace thong. I feel my legs being tied together, and then my arms are tied behind back. On my stomach taking this, still covered with a sack. It’s weird my boyfriend hasn’t said anything. He must really be digging this surprise sex fantasy.

The sack is pulled off my head and my eyes are immediately covered by a blindfold

The sack is pulled off my head and my eyes are immediately covered by a blindfold. I love having my other senses heightened! I hear grunting as my ass is being spanked and spread. He’s got me on my knees spread, but my ankles are still bound together. He’s even wearing leather gloves and his finger are sliding in and out of my pussy. I’m moaning uncontrollably and dripping before I even feel his cock. I feel the hardness press against my back side and he’s slapping it on me. I beg for it like a whore and I feel it drilled into me! He’s not even starting off slow he’s just too impatient. He’s pounding me, my face in the pillow, my hands behind my back and my tits pressed against the silk sheets, taking this fucking dick like I’ve never felt it before.

He’s grabbed me by shoulders to pull me up and he’s licking the side of my face, biting into me even, and I feel more spanks slapping across my ass as I’m cumming all over his cock, like a fucking sprinkler! This is the best he’s ever fucked me and as I squeeze his cock with my pussy I feel his hot load shoot into me has wraps his hand around my throat. Exhausted but filled with complete pleasure, he quickly unties me and give me one kiss on the cheek and leaves the room quickly. I hastily grab the blindfold off and don’t see him anywhere. You know this whole time I’ve heard the lawn mower going. Who could that be all this time in my back yard.

I check to see and discover that it’s my boyfriend. What?!

Love this role play and need to make me your cheap phone sex fuck toy? I assure you, the pleasure is all mine!