Let’s face it, I’ve seen how that how achingly HARD that cock of yours gets while you watch me shamelessly flirt with others. Your surprise cuckold adventure awaits, read on!

A surprise cuckold adventure, perfect! Admit it, you’ve been fantasizing about getting cuckolded by yours truly for a very long time, haven’t you. No, that wasn’t a question. Clearly, it’s a statement of fact!

Furthermore, how interesting is it that you get even HARDER when I’m all over another girl or even a tranny, hmmm? Do tell.

Knowing this about you, I’ve radically turned up the torment factor over the past few months. After all, I needed to find out just how “cuckable” you are. How, you ask? Of course, you already know I’m a major cock-tease.

However, you might’ve noticed that I’m quite the CLIT-teasing girl as well! At this point, all I have to do is smile at someone else and you’re practically bursting out of those jeans. The person could be male or female (or something in between!). Seriously, it doesn’t even matter who it is.

You know I’m right, cuck. Just one glance and a smile from me and it’s enough to make you obsess over whether I’m about to fuck them.

Hurray, cucky boy! You’re almost ready for your very first surprise cuckold adventure!

You’re trying to front like my blatant flirting doesn’t affect you at all. Hahaha, we both know better though, don’t we?! On top of that, recently I even made sure that you “accidentally on purpose” (Yes, that’s a thing! Look it up. 😇) caught a glimpse of me having a “secret” cam session with my t-girl BFF!

Oh, oopsie. How did THAT happen?! Matter of fact, it was something straight out of one of your fave cheating sex stories!

Dancing with my peeps out on the dance floor makes it even worse for you, doesn’t it? Predictably, it doesn’t matter with whom I’m dancing. Regardless of whom or how many, you’re so horny now that you’re clearly on the verge of losing your fucking mind. Do you have any idea how many times that expression on your face has made me soak my pretty panties, babe? Mmm, I’ve been having SO much fun!

Tonight’s the night! Yes, it’s time to pop that cherry. It’s time to get CUCKED, slut!

I chose the time and place very carefully. After all, a guy’s “first time” should be the most fucking special experience ever, right? But it won’t quite happen in the way you are expecting!

You came over to pick me up from the housesitting gig I’d been doing all weekend. Since you arrived pretty late from a party, I’ve convinced you that you’re a little too buzzed to drive me home. Thinking that we’ll be alone, you happily agree to spend the night here with me. Besides, you’ve been wanting to fuck me in my friends’ hot tub anyway!

What you don’t know is that my friends returned from their trip early. Fuck yes, I can hardly wait to see your reaction when you discover my little gift!

After giving you a sensual kiss, I take your hand, leading you through the dimly-lit house. Smiling at you, I oh-so-innocently suggest a soak in the hot tub before bed. Neither of us brought swimwear, but that doesn’t matter. In fact, that will make what’s to come even better.

However, you don’t know what’s “cumming,” do you. Yet. Casually stripping off my clothes, I slip through the sliding glass door into the darkness. It’s a moonless night, and the only visible light is from the waiting jacuzzi at the other end of the patio. I give you a provocative wink over my shoulder, inviting you to join me once you’ve fixed us something cold to drink. How could you resist?

Seeing my naked, college girl curves triggers an instant boner that throbs in anticipation of great pleasures to “cum.” Are you throbbing yet, cuckie?

While you’re busy indoors, I slide into the hot, bubbling water with a moan of pleasure. As I expected, you’re watching me from the window. Although the hot tub’s underwater lights provide a little illumination, it’s dark enough out here that you haven’t yet noticed that I’m not alone.

That’s right, baby. Your surprise cuckold adventure is about to begin!

Meanwhile, I’m moving toward the two other figures awaiting me in the shadows of the jacuzzi. Suddenly, you catch a glimpse. Your cock throbbing, you watch as I slide in between them. Omg, is that your buddy from work? Even more, you realize that the other person is my sexy tranny girlfriend!

In their passionate embrace, we take turns, hungrily devouring each other’s lips. Suddenly, I hear a strange noise that sounds like a groan and a gasp mixed together. As you eagerly climb into the hot tub, there’s no hiding your raging cuckold erection.

Mmm, perfect. You’re finally here. Ready to get CUCKED?

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