Superhero Fetish – Anyone Else Like Costumed Cuties?

Superhero fetish anyone? I know you’re out there. It was the last day at Comic-Con. No Wolverine so Deadpool had to do. I was just happy I wasn’t stuck playing babysitter.

This past weekend was Comic-Con in my town. The first one ever minds you. Now, you all know how I have a wet spot for Wolverine so I went in search of my sexy Logan who could give me a good fucking. I went each day but there were no eligible Wolverines that could satisfy my desire.

However, there was a hot looking Deadpool that I had my eye on in case I couldn’t find my favorite hero. Us girls and our superhero fetish, right? The last day I dressed as a sexy little kitten. A black mini skirt with a black tail, matching kitty ears, and a cute black tank top. It was tight and showed off plenty of cleavage. Of course, I wore my cum fuck me boots too. That’s a must have that completed the outfit perfectly.

I walked through the hall checking out the exhibits and seeing everyone’s costumes searching for my Wolverine. The Con was about to close when I saw that sexy Deadpool I’d been keeping my eye on for the past three days.

By now my pussy was really aching for a nice big cock.

Going without all weekend was too long for me. So I was like what the hell, I’ll get me some Deadpool.

He was walking towards the exit and out of the corner of his eye, he saw this oh so alluring kitten. I strode up to him and said, “Hey Deadpool, do you want to play with a naughty little kitty?”

Of course, he gave me a quick eye fuck and decided that he was game. I knew he wanted to try and tame this wild pussy. Plenty has tried; all have failed.

I took him by the hand and went door by door to an empty area to fool around. As soon as I found a spot suitable for our fun I dropped to my knees and started sucking on Deadpool’s cock. Getting his shaft so hard and wet in my mouth. Even gagging on it a few times. Never second guess my ability to choose a cock big enough. It’s a gift, what can I say?

After a couple minutes of giving Deadpool an amazing blowjob, I decided my pussy wanted some attention. I gazed up at him and said, “Fuck this wet lil kitty Deadpool.”

Turning around and bending over I gave him a good, long look at my tight, smooth pussy. I really got it good from him. Even though he was no Wolverine, I’d have to say Deadpool is now my second favorite hero. If you want to know all the hot details, you boys know where to find me.

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