Super Bowl Sunday!

Super Bowl Sunday Fun Day And Roxy Has Some Naughty Fun. The waiting all week for Sunday to arrive has been excruciating! Why you ask? Because my precious nephew is cumming. Cumming over to play games with his aunt Roxy along with a friend. It’s round number three and my kinky mind has made some big plans. And nothing is going to stop the kinky times from getting even naughtier.

Super Bowl Sunday has always been a tradition for the family. But ever since the hot tub incident, a new tradition has gotten started. The lust in my nephew’s eyes gets more intense every time. But the great thing is that he’s willing to do anything to seek my approval.  Last weekend when this naughty aunt decided to set him and his friend up for some fun couldn’t have gone better.  Letting them watch porn while I fucked myself with my vibrator and promising them some pussy if they did want I told them had them begging for more.

But if you know me well enough, you know that I love a good dirty time. And getting the nephew to do as auntie wants is getting easier and easier. And today was no different at all.  Some drinks, tight jeans and heels, and some promises of pussy was all it took.  I told them how hot it was to watch them together last time, but this time I wanted a little more. Who am I kidding, I wanted a whole lot more.

Everyone was watching the game. The second quarter started and all the Falcon’s fans were talking shit to the Patriot fans! I knew it was the perfect time for me to grab both the boys and sneak away.  I had the perfect video ready to play.

Seducing Them Both

Thinking of the video as I was walking them back to the spare bedroom was turning me on. And the thought of me being able to seduce them both while there was a house full of people less than a hundred feet away was even hotter. Thoughts ran through my mind. Would they be loud?  Would someone come back to see what was going on? Do you think we would we get caught? The risk was worth it in my book.

A pushed them into the bedroom and closed the door behind us. And then rethinking it, I pulled it back open a crack. I turned on the TV and started the video. I got in between them both, kissing and groping them both. “Are you ready?”, I asked. And then I was ready to begin my seduction. But you’ll have to wait for the next blog to come out!

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