Caught Sunbathing By The Naughty Neighbor

Not a cloud in the sky, the sun is calling my name. I’ve decided since I have the house to myself for the weekend, I’m going to get real comfortable. I’m breaking out the string bikini and my new tanning oil, ugh it leaves my skin glowing! It’s sure to attract some attention from that naughty neighbor I have!

Do you think my practically see-through bikini barely covering my nipples is on accident? HA! You’re so naive! And very curious I see. I see you peeking through that oversized gap in the fence. Slowly I start rubbing the oil into my arms….down to my stomach and up to my chest. Oops! I don’t want to ruin my bikini with this oil. I better take it off and set it right to the side. Oooooh much better! The fact that I know you’re watching me makes my nipples hard. I haven’t even acknowledged you yet but I can practically feel your hard cock.

I continue to rub the oil up and down my legs.

They look so long and tan even for my petite size. I can feel you analyzing and memorizing every part of my body. Don’t be shy….keep looking! I do love putting on a show! This huge lawn chair makes it so easy for me to stretch my legs out and pull the other half of my little bikini off. I said I was getting real comfortable right? Missed one last spot for that oil…just right in between my legs. I just shaved this morning and my bald pussy is facing the sun, ready to soak in the oil.

I’m sure not to miss a spot, I even let a little slip inside me, my pussy lips spread to expose my pink clit, ahh much better! I suddenly hear a cough and the crunching from leaves you’ve stepped on as you were watching me. Oh don’t worry, I didn’t forget about you! Think you can hop over and get my back? I mean…if you wouldn’t mind, and then big boy, I’m gonna invite you in! You look like you need something cool to drink 😉

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