Summertime is my favorite time of the year here in Miami. Though, it is arguable that most of the year is summertime in the tropics.

My favorite way to cool off in the summertime is poolside with a fruity drink or an ice cold beer in hand. I have several friends with pools in their buildings and at their homes.

The other day I went over to my friend Mike’s house to go chill in the pool with him. When I got to his place I could hear music coming from the backyard and I could smell something yummy coming from the grill. I love a good summertime pool party! Especially if I’m the guest of honor.

Mike handed me a beer as soon as he saw me and gave me a light kiss on the mouth. I quickly took off my shorts and tank top and ditched my flip flops, preferring to just be in my bikini.

By the time we got in the water we have both had several beers. The water feels great! Warmed by the sun and so inviting. Laying on my back I lazily float. The bugs are thick in the summertime down here but Mike has an awesome screened-in back patio that covers the pool.  I’m am enjoying every minute of this! I softly drift across the pool towards Mike.

The sun, the beer and Mike’s sexy chest have all conspired to make me very fucking horny.

As I bump into him I reach my arms back behind me to brace myself. I grab ahold of his slim waist and look up at him, smiling down at me. “Oops! Looks like I bumped into you. Sorry about that!” leting go of him, I flip over and stand up.

He lights up a joint and passes it to me. We smoke a couple joints between the two of us and have another beer. I decide to make my move, though it seems like Mike had the same idea as me! We leaned in for a deep kiss at the exactly the same moment. I could feel a tugging at my back and suddenly my bikini top was hanging on only by the strings around my neck and was floating the water in front of me.

Giggling I shake my firm, high, perky tits at him and take my top off, flinging it over his head onto the patio. Mike reached forward to get a good handful of my luscious breasts. He squeezed and kneeded them, pinching and tweaking my hard nipples.

I slide my hand down into his swim trunks and grab ahold of his rock hard dick. I delight in its length and girth. We continue to fool around for a good long time, until Mike looks at me with a devilish glint in his eye and asks me if I’ve had enough of the pool. Oh yeah, I say. Let’s move this party inside. I’m gonna suck your dick so good and so deep you won’t even remember your own name.

Phone Sex!