Well, it is hotter than hell already and I am loving this time of year. We are doing our summer skinny dipping in the local lake and it feels so good. And, I got to offer some small penis acceptance to a sweet guy too.

Are you an exhibitionist that loves showing off your body with some naughty naked swim time? Of course, this girl is! Hello, have you seen me? I am gorgeous and happily show off this hot young body of mine!

One of my friends brought some guys with him to the lake. I didn’t know them and one was super shy. At first, I thought maybe he was drinking and didn’t want to swim and drink.

Nope, it wasn’t the summer skinny dipping while drinking that was scaring him!

It was, in fact, what was hiding in his boxers. You see, my new friend was afraid of us seeing his tiny pecker. And, when I say tiny, I am talking minuscule. Of course, me being me, I had tons of empathy for him.

So, I got out of the lake and went to chat with him. As we start talking, he is loosening up and confessing the truth. I told him that I am a woman with small penis acceptance for guys.

In my opinion, it isn’t their fault. They can’t help what they were given with heredity or however it happens. I put my summer skinny dipping on hold so I could help him feel comfortable.

It definitely isn’t easy helping a guy with years of humiliation on his shoulders.

However, I am always steady with my kindness. Once they start seeing I am genuine and it isn’t a setup or joke, a guy will open up to me. It is such a good feeling too.

When he sees I really don’t care about the size of his penis. Sure, it is fun fucking a giant cock but it isn’t always what matters for me. Hello, I am a girl that enjoys pain and spankings too.

I love dungeon role play with Daddy when he has me over his lap. Mmmm…so good to be punished. Of course, my summer skinny dipping might even get me in trouble with Daddy!

Of course, at this moment, I am focusing on my new friend, Brad, and helping him to enjoy some summer skinny dipping.

He is unsure about hopping into the water. Moreover, I think he is afraid of what the other guys will say when he is naked. Surely, they are not going to pick on him here.

Oh, wait, they are twenty-something guys that are drinking and can be assholes. His chances are slim of getting away without some razzing. However, I have a plan for his success.

He is going to strip with me standing beside him at the water’s edge. Then, I am going to drop down and suck that small cock in front of all of them. Securing his fun for the summer skinny dipping!

From there, we can all have a blast swimming and playing.

Sure enough, it works as I thought it should. Brad is now swimming with us in the lake without worries. Of course, I am having fun playing that tiny dick too. Hey, I am a lover, not a meanie.

So, what are you packing in your pants? Do you get razzing about it? If you are looking for some small penis acceptance call me for some hot phone sex fun!