I am a busy girl working for my kinky boss and doing the side gig for his friend. Of course, I am always focusing on my dreams and fit everything in. That is why I am getting summer session professor fun too!

Additionally, the work I do for Daniel and his friend, Jerry is not hard. It requires being naughty and allowing them to be kinky. Sure, I have some errands to run for Daniel but I hardly lift a finger.

Therefore, I have the time and energy for the class this summer. And, this professor is awesome. Not only is he brilliant, but he is also so handsome and sexy.

Making our summer session professor fun super hot.

From the first day of class, he is focusing on me and my sexy body. Of course, I know how to work a room and he is at the front of this room. He is putty in my hands and I am molding him to my will.

Furthermore, there are more guys in this class and I am using my great skills in winning them all over. I might as well have a blast while taking a summer class. Now, my pussy tingles walking to class.

Knowing that I am not only having summer session professor fun but also other classmates fun too. Predominantly, I am focusing on my professor. He is a catch and I want to close the deal with him.

He is a happily married man so it is requiring extra work from me.

Of course, I will still have him by the end of this semester. Once I make up my mind, I get the man I want. Even if I have to seduce his wife first. And, I am just that determined.

In fact, she is smoking hot and I would happily love a threesome with them. Time will tell if it is just he and I or we do a threesome for our summer session professor fun.

I am on board for whatever falls into place as I work my skills. You see, she is also a professor here on campus. And, she is teaching this summer as well. Moreover, I have been chatting with her in the library.

See, I am always working on a backup plan for this summer session professor fun!

So, today I am upping my game after class. Luckily, he leans in and kisses me. I make a move and put my hand on his crotch. That is all he needs. He stands me up, lifts my skirt, and turns me around.

Bending me over the desk, he quickly pulls my panties aside so he can slide his nice-sized penis inside me. Mmmmmm…oh, that feels amazing. We get a fantastic rhythm going and hear the door open.

Our summer session professor fun is going to get even hotter. It is his wife. She sees us and instead of getting mad, comes over, joining us. Kissing her husband first and then me.

Oh, hell, yes! Let the threesome fun begin!

The three of us end up on the floor, quickly undressing each other. We spend hours fucking without interruption. And, that is just the beginning of our summer fun!

If you are curious to learn how the rest of the summer went, call me for some hot phone sex!

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