What’s it like being a hot girl???


There’s no other paradise like it. Hot girls are given anything we desire thanks to our gifted beauty. Delicate skin, soft hair, unique facial structure, and good humor.. The perfect balanced potion needed to bring men to their knees. Clearly, we are sugar, spice, and everything nice. As long as men give us all the attention, money, and luxuries we need, our love is theirs. It’s a pretty good deal don’t you think? From getting a summer foot rub, dominating them through blackmail strip-club nightmare schemes, and maxing out foreign credit cards, we live in a permanent paradise, centered all around us.

As an example, I spent over $3000 on entertainment and luxuries this week [and that’s cheap]! Today completes the 4th year of living the good life. I had a tough upbringing that led to me learning how to survive on my own. I have my attractive features to thank for my success. Sometimes I wonder where life would have taken me if I had chosen another route. I certainly would not be this happy, free, or rich. Whereas now, I lay flattened atop a yacht’s front end after a half-hour Mediterranean sea plunge.

Additionally, as I stretch my body underneath the suns beaming rays, John joins me while marinating my skin in tanning oil. He gives me a Johns’ special summer foot rub. Consequently, it’s the kind that shoots you out to the middle of space… In other words, the type of rub downs where your eyes begin to drift off, the shadow of your lashes grow taller as your lids shut and suddenly find yourself in a quite meditative state of mind. Bright orange sunbeams blanket the surface of my body and a warmth penetrates down into my pussy. It’s getting warmer and wetter, I begin to leak.

Summer foot rub brings me all the bliss.

Trickles of liquid flow down my thigh, I’m slowly creating a puddle beneath me. A coarse but not painful sensation begins to move up between my legs. Furthermore, John releases the knots on both sides of my hips that tie my bikini thong in place. Seagulls shoot by right above us, and the waves smash fearlessly right under us. His kink is money; he loves to spend it. Before fully descending his cargo pants, John pulls out his wallet full of fifty, one-hundred-dollar bills. He stands as far above me as possible and flies the money satchel in the wind. Fluttering bills fall from the sky and land on me.

Hence, the life of a hot girl, what I and other women such as myself get to live out is an experience you will never be able to imagine. It’s not something one can put into perfect words. Besides, how can you on something like a summer foot rub, champagne, raining cash, and endless amounts of attention? No need to be envious, or jealous, I’ll teach you how to be a hot girl like me. Or if you’re looking for one to take care of, I’ll pencil you into my schedule.

A good sugar baby is nothing without her sugar daddy.

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