My sugar daddy never thought he would be a cuckold!

My sweet sugar daddy spent the whole day pampering me. He took me to a really fancy spa and paid for the work, including a full body massage and a super sexy pedicure. Then we had lunch at one of the most exclusive restaurants in town! He couldn’t give me what I needed most though I’m sure he never imagined I would cuckold him. He wanted to go back to my apartment but I told him that I had a study group coming over.

I thought he bought it, even when I took a taxi so he wouldn’t drive me back. Apparently, I wasn’t that convincing because he turned right back around and headed for my apartment. I’m not sure what he thought he would find when he got there. When he pulled in and saw an expensive Porsche in my driveway he knew it didn’t belong to any of my college friends.

That’s when I think he started to suspect that I was turning him into my cuckold.

He could hear the sounds of my laughter coming from the back bedroom as I said that my boyfriend had no clue what I was really up to. Creeping down the hall, he saw me stripped down to my tiny little red g-string with a massive black cock in my hands. I started worshiping it with my mouth, even when he started yelling about how pissed off he was that I was cheating on him. There was no way I was going to stop with such an amazing cock in my mouth, and my pussy dripping in anticipation.

My boyfriend had to watch me cuckold him with a big black cock. Getting on all fours, I begged for that stud to pound my pussy and give me what I was craving! My pussy got pounded so deep and hard that he blasted a massive load of cum inside of me. Once he had satisfied me and left, it was time for my boyfriend to get between my legs and lick it all up like a good cuckold!

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