Sugar Baby London Day 1

Sugar baby? Me? Well, imagine this if you will. I’m a more conservative version of myself. Still sexy and beautiful, naturally. I’ve responded to an ad. Nothing too specific, but, it sounded intriguing. So, after work, I drove to his house. I was dressed in high heels, pantyhose, a nice skirt, and blouse. My hair was braided neatly and my makeup not overdone.

I knocked on the door. When he answered, he was dressed nicely, but simply in a pair of slacks, Italian leather shoes, and a button-down polo. He smiled sweetly and invited me inside. He had a very lovely house. Then he urged me to sit while we talked for a moment. He asked about work. I told him I was a secretary and didn’t make very much. He offered me $20,000 every two weeks. How could I turn that down?

“Do you know what you would have to do in exchange for that kind of money, London?” He asked.

Now, being the conservative type, I’d thought perhaps a live-in caretaker, maid of sorts. Cooking, cleaning, maybe personal assistant work. Oh no. Nothing even remotely like that.

He told me to stand up and unbutton my blouse. I undid the first two buttons, looking slightly nervous I’m so sure. Next came the skirt. He walked around me in my little cotton panties, bra, stockings, and heels. Then he went to his wallet and pulled out a wad of hundred-dollar bills. It looked like about maybe 3 grand. He tossed it on the floor at my feet.

“Pick up your money and come over to me. This is your sign-in bonus.”

I gathered the money and put it in my purse. I stood up, but he stopped me. He pointed to the ground. He wanted me on my knees, crawling over to him. When he pulled out his cock I hesitated, unsure of myself. Apparently, I was better than I thought. His cock got very hard under my mouth, my tongue.

Then he told me to pull down my panties and pantyhose. “Next time we meet I want all of that pubic hair gone. I don’t like hair around my cunt.” I nodded my understanding.

When he got me on my back and pounded my tight little pussy it felt so good. This is what I was going to be. A fuck toy for this very rich man. That thought made me nervous, yet excited me in such a way that I can’t even describe.

Give me details about my transformation into a sugar baby to come. Keep lookout boys!

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