From College Slut To Sugar Baby

College girls have a notorious school slut reputation to uphold. However, the partying, the outfits, and the drinks can get pretty expensive! It takes a lot of upkeep to be the perfect college whore! Not to mention, guys my age can be so exhausting. The only thing that guys my age want to do is get drunk and bang one out! Obviously, they don’t know how to take their time to satisfy a woman. What I am really looking for is someone who wants to take me out to dinner and get to know me a little bit before we get naughty. If someone could show me a little extra attention, I would without a doubt be willing to do anything! It’s nice to be rewarded or provided for when you give someone what they crave. That mindset is what led me to my first sugar baby interview.

Finding a REAL Man

After the constant disappointment from my options of college guys, I set out to find me a real man. I put myself out there for all to see and made an account on a sugar daddy site. My bio read, “Natalie, 22 years old, college babe. I am looking for a strong and powerful man. Someone to satisfy my needs as I promise to satisfy all of yours. I am physically fit, tanned and toned, and VERY flexible. My ideal date night would consist of dinner, deeply satisfying conversation, and maybe a special dessert if you pique my interest.” I kept it short and sweet in hopes that the right man would come along and ask to learn more.

Sexy Mystery

As I scrolled through my messages, I was, of course, bombarded with dick pics and suggested one night rates. Finally, one man caught my eye. His profile picture showed a well-built man in a blue button-up shirt. It only showed him from the neck down, which added a sexy mysterious vibe. I wondered if his eyes were dreamy or if he had a devilishly handsome smile. The message he sent stood out from the others because he was actually interested in a date, or as he called it, “A sugar baby interview.” So, I messaged him back immediately and asked him when we could get together. Then, he set up our date for the following Friday night.

Sending Him Nudes/Sending Me Money

After a few days of chatting back and forth, I could feel myself growing attached to the man in my messages. I had sent him a few full-body nudes and in return he flooded me with compliments and sent me some money. It was a turn on for me to show off my curves. I never let him see my holes because I knew that there needed to be some mystery on my end to match his.

It was finally the day of our sugar baby interview and I spent all morning preparing myself. Every inch of me had to be perfect for my potential sugar daddy. Then, I heard a knock at the door. When I opened the door, I found a box, some flowers, and a note that read, “My Sweet Sugar Baby, tonight is the night! I hope this dress fits you well. A driver will be back around to meet you in an hour. I can’t wait to see where the night will take us!”

Sugar Baby Interview Time

Butterflies filled my stomach. Then, I quickly picked up my presents and ran to my room. The light blue, sequin, strapless dress, fit my body perfectly! If this was how my sugar daddy was going to spoil me before I even passed his sugar baby interview, I knew that I could not mess this up! I finished my hair into a tight bun with a bang along the side of my cheek. My silver heels completed the dress and all that was left was to put a dainty necklace around my cleavage to finalize the whole outfit. I felt like a million-dollar baby!

The driver picked me up and put me in the back of a beautiful black Rolls Royce. As we made our way to the restaurant, the driver asked me how I was feeling and what I was most excited for. We shared laughs and a pretty decent conversation all the way up to the restaurant. Once we arrived, the driver told me to go in and tell them that the name of the reservation was under Natalie. I was seated alone and enjoyed a cocktail as I waited for my mystery date to arrive and begin my sugar baby interview.

Another Surprise!

To my surprise, the driver entered the lounge in a dark suit with a navy blue shirt underneath. He sat across the table from me and gave me the smile I knew had to belong to my mystery date. “What are you doing here? Is my date not coming?” I asked.
“Your sugar baby interview went great. The dress I bought looks absolutely gorgeous on you! Everything that you said tonight and over the past few days has piqued my interest in you completely. I’d love to build a relationship with you if you would let me.”
I realized that my driver was the man I was waiting to meet and I was in shock. He was so handsome and so creative. I can’t believe that he fooled me this way!

Sweet Like Sugar

We sat, drank, and ate together. I couldn’t resist my urges anymore. It was finally time to give my new daddy some sugar! He paid the bill and we went over to his hotel. He lived on the top floor and had a beautiful suite looking over the city. It wasn’t long before we were both naked in front of the floor-length windows. I wanted to reciprocate all of the pleasure and excitement he provided for me. Then I dropped down to my knees and pleased his sugar daddy dick with my luscious lips. I looked up at him with my baby blue eyes and said, “Daddy, will you fuck me?” Then, he took me to his bed and fucked me all night long!

Keep an eye out for my graphic part 2 of my night after a successful sugar baby interview! Until then, call my phone sex hotline and be my sugar daddy tonight! Let’s make our own naughty story!