The First Time Sex Stories of Sugar Baby Adriana

When I say money makes me cum is an understatement. I want the successful Daddy, the title that comes with being his and every single weekend trip to a five-star hotel on a remote island. You see, college girls like me have needs that only a black card can afford. Carl had that black card and then some. When he arrived to pick me up I knew I had met the perfect man for me. This wasn’t just one of those first time sex stories, no! I kept going back for more.

I met Carl off of an app. He didn’t have a picture up so I didn’t know what to expect. To my surprise, he wasn’t at all bad looking. He was tall, a lot older than me and driving a brand new Maserati. What is a girl to do? Obviously, I hopped in the passenger seat to an amazing night. The first thing he did was give me a gift. I had mentioned how much I wanted a Celine bag and there it was in the back seat. After dinner, we headed back to his penthouse and that’s when the fun really began.

As he was undressing me he whispered in my ear just how soft my skin was. While I was laying on the bed he kissed me passionately and then down my body. He spread my legs open and ate my pussy for a long time. I came so many times in his mouth that I could feel the sheets under me soaked. When he came up to kiss me he was surprised I was so eager to taste myself. I wrapped my legs around him and looking straight into my eyes he said my pussy was so good he was going to give me anything and everything I wanted. Carl gave me a few grand that night, in all hundreds.

We arranged to meet again as he dropped me off the next morning to class. Money makes me cum, but Carl makes me squirt.

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