Sucking off Santa – my new party trick! 

Christmas is a big event in England, after all, we invented it! It’s supposed to be a time for family, but there are usually some pretty wild parties as well. I disgraced myself one year by sucking off Santa at the local rugby club Christmas bash. And before you ask, no, I didn’t go down on him to get a better Christmas present!

Every year the club threw a big party. The early evening was for families, who’d take their kids home before it got ‘interesting’. The younger rugby players were a bit like American jocks. When they weren’t trampling on each other over a muddy field, they drank gallons of beer. A typical party would usually feature filthy drinking songs and outrageous drinking games.

That night they hired a special Santa and his Elves striptease act. The bar was full of drunken rugby players, girls from the local sixth-form college, and other female guests. When the strippers took to the small stage, there was loads of cheering and clapping. It was a great atmosphere and the Elves were in fact, hot girls. It was the first time I’d ever seen strippers and I made sure I was right at the front.

But little did I know I would soon be sucking off Santa!

The ‘Elves’ were soon down to their sexy underwear and were rubbing their bodies against a surprisingly muscular Santa.

The Elves stayed up on stage, well out of reach of the drunken rugger boys in the audience while Santa came down into the bar area and began to dance in front of the girls. He knew how to spot the sluts in the crowd and could guess exactly who was ready to rub baby oil all over him.

The guys ogled the naked women on stage as they went into a sensual lesbian routine. Meanwhile, Santa danced for a room full of shrieking girls. The bolder ones grabbed his cock and jerked him off and he teased them into flashing their boobs – big ones, small ones, firm ones, bouncy ones – a feast for the eyes. When the barmaid produced an aerosol of whipped cream, the room went wild. Santa started by squirting cream on his finger and inviting girls to lick it off.

When it was my turn, I didn’t lick the cream off, I took Santa’s entire finger deep into my mouth.

As I sucked hard, I looked deep into his eyes. All the girls howled with laughter and I loved being the centre of attention. What I hadn’t bargained on was Santa spraying whipped cream all along the length of his hard cock. He stood in front of us with his hands on his hips, daring anybody to lick the cream off.  My pussy started to tingle when I realised I was going to be the one sucking off Santa.

My excuse is that I was drunk (I wasn’t) but I stepped forward and knelt in front of him. All my friends couldn’t believe what they were seeing as I grabbed his dick and slowly licked along the length of his shaft. I’d intended just to lick the cream off and jump back into the crowd. But when he ran his fingers through my hair and pushed his cock against my lips, I instinctively opened my mouth…

That was all it took… I was sucking off Santa!

Right there, in front of everyone!  And guess what? I didn’t give two hoots as I was loving being Santa’s slut.

The other girls were half-breathless with shock and half-hysterical with delight. I sucked hard, bobbing my head up and down whilst putting on a show for the audience with my tongue. I sensed that he didn’t actually want to cum, but he wasn’t going to have a choice. His legs tensed and he pulled my hair harder as I deep-throated him. At the last moment, I squeezed his balls as hard as I could. He gasped and shuddered as he came in my mouth.

I had to give my best blowjob performance.  After all, Santa only cums once a year!