Once everyone was completely incoherent I cornered Kate alone and offered her some fat hits from this joint I was smoking.  She was so fucked; she just got up and followed me.  I led her to my parent’s bedroom, locked the door behind us and sat her on the loveseat.  She had a really short skirt on. I was surprised to see her not cross her legs when she sat down. She let her knees fall open…I could see right up to her smooth and beautiful pussy! She had on white panties that had fallen to the side of her lips. Right in the middle I could see a hot wet mark on them just calling out my name.

I sat pretty close to her, wrapping my arm around her shoulder.  She leaned into me to balance herself.  It was becoming a challenge to keep her upright.  I told her she could spend the night here in my parent’s room. I reassured her that no one was going to be coming home and she’d be safe and sound in here. I lifted up her shirt to help her get undressed.  She had no clue what a nasty little slut I was being. When I saw her fully erect nipples I lost all the control I had. I reached up and caressed them. Kate didn’t ask me to stop she just moaned.

I could not resist any longer. That sweet moan she let out sent me right over the edge. I massaged her young mounds and brought my lips to her nipples and tickled them with my tongue.  I don’t t think Kate was even aware of what I was doing to her.  I think she was still in the mind set as I was getting her ready for bed.   I pushed her down on the bed spreading her legs open.  I rubbed my hands up and down her smooth legs and in between her thighs.  I could tell the X was in full effect. Her swollen clit was throbbing through her panties.  I touched it and she moaned loudly as she arched her back.  I gently started rubbing it with my finger.  She moaned louder, started rocking her hips to the rhythm of my touch.

I made my way down her body with my tongue.  Once I reached the crease of her pussy lips, I was not stopping until I had her creamy filling all over my face.  I licked her clit, fingered her pussy and savored every taste I was getting from her wet cunt.  I could feel her clit getting harder; her pussy muscles were pulsating as I jammed my fingers inside her.  She let out a cry of ecstasy as she came all over my fingers.  I pulled them out a replaced them with my tongue; sucking and licking all of cum.

I took my cum covered fingers and started to rub my aching pussy.  I wanted her to return the favor but she had passed right out after that.  I pulled her legs apart and placed my pussy right on hers, gliding my clit over hers harder and harder until I exploded all over her.  I took a few minutes to play with her pussy again, just to taste it one last time before she woke.

I hoped she remembered what happen and would come back for round two.  If she didn’t oh well…At least my craving for her hot pink box was quenched.

Ohh wasn’t that hot? Lets do a sexy two girl call and role play this fantasy with you in the mix!



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