Suck my toes and lick my feet!

He told me he wanted to suck on my toes and play with my feet. I admit, I was a bit surprised but very turned on by the thought. We had been together a few times before this night and nothing like this had been discussed before. As I lay there, naked on his bed, I was ready for whatever he was going to throw my way!

He started to kiss up my leg and then right back down to my feet. I held my breath has he pulled my first toe into his mouth. The sensation throughout my whole body was outrageous! Totally and completely mind blowing. My pussy clenched as he sucked on each of my toes individually. I wanted him to touch me so badly! I needed him to penetrate me somehow.

He was sitting down at my feet as he was playing with my toes. He then reached his foot up and began rubbing my very swollen and wet pussy. I knew it wasn’t going to take much more than this to get me to scream out in an orgasm. I felt it building in my core as he was rubbing my clit with his big toe. He then slid his big toe inside of me. I squirted right as my orgasm began! I came harder than I have ever cum before. I couldn’t even make any nose other than a couple of small moans of pleasure!

After I finished my orgasm I sat up, and grabbed his foot that has pleasured me. I took his toes into my mouth and started to suck and lick my cum off of him. I couldn’t believe I was so turned on by his foot! He laid back and I saw how hard and turned on he was. I reached up and started to jerk his cock while cleaning my cum off his foot. I felt him grown larger and very hard as he started to release his hot juices all over my hand!

I’m so glad that he introduced me to such a sexy and amazing foot fetish. I can’t wait to get his mouth wrapped around my toes again. I’m not sure anyone else could please my feet the way he does. Dare to prove me wrong Free Phone Sex? 😉