Subway transportation was more exciting than I thought.

This stranger had his fingers buried in my pussy as we rode the dark subway. The way his breath felt against my ear as he told me to shush made my pussy drip even more with anticipation. I couldn’t believe what a little slut I was being! I had a boyfriend and here I was letting a stranger take advantage of me on the subway.

His fingers slid in and out of my dripping hole. I was trying so hard to keep myself quiet but when he pulled his fingers out of my pussy I almost whimpered out loud. I had to keep reminding myself that I was in a crowded subway. At any moment someone could find out what I was doing. I felt his cock pressed against my pussy. The head of it rubbing up and down my wet slit.

As soon as the head popped inside of me his hand was already over my mouth to keep me quiet. The tip slid in without a problem but as he pushed more I could tell that this stranger had a pretty thick cock. He stretched the lips of my pussy more than they had been in a very long time. My boyfriend never fucked me like this!!!

It was so erotic having a stranger’s cock buried inside of me in a crowded subway on my way home from work. I came all over his cock by the time he had worked himself all the way into me! My pussy contracting around him sent him over the edge. It only took a few more pumps in and out of my tight, dripping pussy and I felt him tense up behind me.

His cock started pulsing in my pussy as he shot his huge load in my unprotected pussy right there in a crowd of people on the subway! By the time he pulled his cock out of me and pulled my panties back into place I realized that my stop was next. I walked off of the subway with his cum dripping out of my pussy and coating my panties.

It was time for me to go home to my boyfriend. I just didn’t plan on doing it with a pussy full of a stranger’s cum from my ride home on the subway! This experience set the stage for so many of my future fantasies! Give me a call and let’s play some of them out together!

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