“Step on me”. A phrase I didn’t expect to hear from my boss while he offers me a raise. Normally, when you want to do a bigger favor for your boss in exchange for an increase in pay, you expect him to want you to be a little slut. Bending over the desk and taking it hard. My boss is different. He is practically begging for subtle workplace domination.

Taking The Position

I took the job, being a secretary in front of my colleagues, and a dominatrix when the office door is closed. He pages me into the office, and I walk in confidence. A tight pencil dress and my red heels clanking against the floor. He lies down on the floor with his eyes open in anticipation. I love teasing and denying him throughout the day, making him hungry for me by the time our shift is over.

I walk up to him and place my heel on his chest gently, letting him know he is to stay where he is. The door is locked behind me, and I slip my panties off from under my dress. I lacey little thong, wet from all my dirty little thoughts. My panties slip past one foot, then I let them fall down to the heel on his chest as he looks at them. I lift my heel slightly, allowing him to take the panties off the heel as he looks up at me for directions. He wanted subtle workplace domination, and I plan on giving just that. “Clean them,” I say. Short and sweet. He doesn’t deserve too many more words than that, and he doesn’t want me to grow impatient.

Subtle Workplace Domination

He takes those panties, balls them up with the wet spot on the outside, and slides them into his mouth. Taste me. Taste my filth while I rack in my paycheck. I take the heel and gently slide it down to his pants, using the edge to pull his belt open for me. The beginning of his cock start to show, and the bass throbs as I hear him hard swallow my juices.

I bend over towards him, grab a piece of the thong on his lips, and slowly pull it out of his mouth. It’s even wetter now, as I slide the dirty panties down his stomach and to his cock. My other hand pulls his twitching dick out as I lay the wet panties against his shaft and look into his eyes as he wiggles slightly, begging for more. It thrills me; subtle workplace domination while literally being on the clock. Anyone could knock on the door and I know his voice would crack in response.

Is This Sexual Harassment, Or Just Fun

I spit down on his cock, watching it slide on the mixture of shaft and panty. My hand finds its way to his shaft as I rub them together. The texture of the lace drives him nuts and I love every second of it. A drip of precum starts to form, and I remove my hands. Standing up straight and adjusting my dress, I get ready to leave the room, allowing him time to put his cock away. He asked for subtle workplace domination, not the ability to cum. I think I will save that for later.

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